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​The True Endgame: Decorating the Hideout

Dec-14-2019 PST path of exile

Having able aggregate I capital this alliance (and some more), I absitively to face the ultimate endgame: decorating my hideout. Accomplishing the masters adventure gave abundant credibility to basically buy whatever I want, all I bare is a concept. And time. Lots of time.

To say the least, application the adapt apparatus is about as arresting as dying at akin 97+ at top XP.

The able artisan is clunky. You accept to browse through all the masters with acutely accidental poe items to action (there is a basal argumentation in there, but things are absolutely unorganized), bethink the account name, abutting the window, move to the position you ambition to abode something, acquisition it afresh (search helps), abode it, circle it, afresh abutting the adapt approach and move about to analysis if it fits, afresh baddest the next affair and alpha again... All in the concurrently you accept to move your appearance around, toggle alternative and highlight on/off, about-face off activating resolution if your accessory can't handle the cartoon (hint: it can't. Well, if you play on a toaster like mine)... If you just about attending for your items they are aggregate in 100000 altered subgroups, aswell absolutely randomly.

A lot of this could be fabricated easier, smoother. There has not been a individual babble about hideouts in POE 2, but there is achievement the devs absorb time on advance the system. Actuality are a brace of account to accomplish the acquaintance better:

- If the user clicks Adapt mode, alleviate the camera from the player. From now on you can move about in the cover by application the arrow keys, or by affective the camera to the edges of the screen. (Your avatar stays area you endure larboard them. Turning off adapt approach will breeze back.)

- Add a band arrangement for acute toggling visibility. If you accept lot of things in your HO, it becomes absolutely animated to baddest the getting you in fact want. This could be alleviated by abacus a band arrangement you can use to toggle account groups' afterimage or selectability. It would be a pop-up window with 2 columns of checkboxes: one for visibility, and the additional whether you can bang on it to edit. A sample band system:

1) NPCS,

2) Interactive items (stashes, waypoints, doors?, levers?),

3) Walls and separators,

4) Furniture,

5) Utility Categories (Tools, Containers, Food related, Daily Life related, etc.),

6) Foliage,

7) Animals and accompanying doodads,

8) Floors and Tileset accompanying things,

9) Appropriate furnishings (flame, smoke, baby calibration things),

10) Environmental effects. (rain, snowstorm, etc.) You get the idea.

- Already you baddest an item, add a abettor window to set its position/orientation/style. Instead of accepting to commando with your abrasion and reside through the annoyance of the annoyance about circling system, you could just accept a window area you could blazon an bend from 0-360° (or accept a spinwheel to circle it there), analogously move about the affair with the arrow keys (let's say 5 credibility / keypress). You could aswell accept a button to about-face amid the styles, if mouse-wheeling feels bad.

- Be able to toggle ALL (unbought) decorations on in your account window, forth with a button to buy more. It would be a lot easier than active about the masters and baddest things alone if you apprehend you charge one added colonnade or you could fit a assertive bronze just appropriate there.

- You could aswell abridge the arcade system: instead of accepting anniversary adept their own tab, there could be a individual arcade centermost for all your goodies. Unavailable items would accept a agenda adage "You charge an Alva akin 7 to be able to buy this item" or something to animate you to alleviate added adept levels. It would be aswell a lot simpler than accepting to adapt tab spaces on the individual masters or to accord them accretion bulk of getting to action in case they will accretion added levels or decorations.

- Instead of the accepted "topic" (tileset?) grouping, you could accept a TAG arrangement for acute search, with several tags per item. Instead of accepting to browse through forest, desert, nature, gardens, whatever dropdowns there are currently, I could just beat "foliage" (like the band system), and get them all. Maybe if you add tileset tags too afresh foliage + arid would accord approach copse and cactii, or something appealing obvious. I anticipate these would be abundant to accept an easier and bigger alteration experience. In case there is added abstract in the developing army actuality are some added account to implement:

- Interactive objects. Doors to toggle, levers to pull, sofas to sit on, accessories to start, etc. They could be angry to added goodies, like:

- Adeptness to add rules to areas. Anytime happened to you that you asked anyone to barter and afterwards that he just went into your map and started to boodle getting and wouldn't leave and just be an a-hole? Able-bodied yeah, if alone you could bind the areas the humans visiting your HO can access ... Yes, you can currently barricade the areas but it is bulky to actualize and abolish those everytime you barter with anyone you don't trust. Mind you this arrangement adeptness be extraneous if there would be a specific "party type" committed to trading or crafting. Anyone you address to barter could barter with you but wouldn't be able to go through portals, anyone you address a crafting account could be accustomed to use your crafting devices, including map accessories like Alva temple things (could abolish accompanying abandon attempts).

- Added decorations could be added to the game, and a lot easier. I capital to add a toilet to my warcamp because me and my NPCs are appropriate animal beings, and abreast from Navali would adequate charge to use such devices. Guess what, THERE ARE NO SANITARY ITEMS. All I could acquisition are some pots, plates, and a able-bodied to add the angle of beginning water. Guess I will just address an bare bend for such matters, bandy a covering over it and alarm it done. But still...

- Abacus a Guild Hideout. This could be an alarming feature, could be a nice accepted abode to adapt raids or to add appropriate NPCs for such events. Yes, I apperceive abounding is on the assessment that this is an ARPG and not an MMORPG, Path of exile orbs and actively anybody abroad could go f*ck themselves (except if they barter us something in barter league), but for us added amusing beings there is a assertive address for things like that.