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Watchtowers and Base Defense in Myth of Empires

Mar-27-2024 PST Myth of Empires

As I was erecting watchtowers in my newly established base, I encountered a notification stating that the guild building limit had been reached. After removing a lesser watchtower, I managed to install the new Mason one. However, this prompted me to ponder: what exactly is the limit on watchtowers? And is this limit distributed among all bases or confined within each base's boundary marker? Furthermore, does the limit encompass defensive structures like the Zhuge crossbows, flamethrowers, and other siege defenses? Additionally, what defensive setups do players employ for endgame base protection against offline raids?

Watchtowers and Base Defense in Myth of Empires

In addressing offline raid defense, the solution is straightforward. It entails adequately upgrading the base and consistently setting offline raid protection at the boundary marker. This approach allows for flexible base construction provided there's sufficient online presence to repel potential threats effectively.

However, online base defense strategies vary depending on various factors, such as location and guild size, which dictate the required space for defense.

For instance, on the legacy map, I favor positioning my base on the side of a specific cliff—although I won't divulge exact coordinates. Access involves either falling to death and strategically placing a bedroll to respawn or sacrificing a horse and hoping for survival. Once established, survival hinges on the ability to jump onto the building for safety, augmented by towers to repel intruders.

Conversely, on the new map, I discovered a concealed cave off the beaten path, not yet charted on the MOE interactive map (but destined to be eventually). This cave boasts a narrow vertical entrance barely wider than a foundation. Here, I constructed a base around the entrance, diverting attention with decoy benches and safes. However, the crux of defense lies in a hidden vault underground, impervious to siege equipment but accessible on foot. To maintain security, I keep a chest atop the cave with spare ceilings and ladders, ready for replacement in the event of a breach.

My success in defense thus far hinges on building in locations immune to siege damage, forcing adversaries to engage with conventional weapons. Additionally, automated towers are programmed solely to target intruders, providing a formidable deterrent. Intruders who breach my defenses are met with a barrage of flamethrowers, leaving them with no escape.

However, a word of caution is warranted. My cliffside base faces increasing vulnerability as more players acquire flying balloons and kites, potentially compromising its security. Similarly, my cave base could be compromised with sufficient time and resources, particularly if adversaries breach the decoy base initially. Nevertheless, with multiple layers of defense comprising doors and gateframes, breaching the stronghold would prove a formidable challenge.

In conclusion, the efficacy of base defense in Myth of Empires lies in strategic positioning, layered defenses, and adaptability to evolving threats. Whether defending against offline raids or repelling online assaults, meticulous planning and resourcefulness are key to safeguarding one's territory in this ever-shifting landscape of conquest. In addition, you can buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins from mmoexp.com to arm yourself and make the fortifications stronger.

MMOexp Myth of Empires Team