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​We allegation added adaptable channeling skills

Jan-17-2020 PST path of exile

Every 3 months, for the antecedent 2 leagues, and now a third, one accomplishment anatomy to the near-top of poe.ninja, behindhand of alliance meta. Which one is that? Cyclone, of course.

I anticipate the affidavit why are obvious. Besides getting able damage-wise, even post-nerf(s), it has a lot of applications, which I apparent while arena my aboriginal CwC body this league, Volatile Dead. There's about no way to NOT use Cyclone!

I approved every individual channeling accomplishment in the game, in alertness for league-start, in an attack to play ANYTHING but Cyclone (again). Found a few favorites, like Divine Ire and Stormburst. I abnormally admired Divine Ire's charge-up, area the arena rumbles and the air about you crackles with electricity. Fun stuff! But alliance afterwards league, it's alone in favor of the far added usefully-mobile, Cyclone. Who wouldn't wish the befalling to contrivance admission attacks, while advancing back?

So, unfortunately, none of the channeling abilities are applicable for my VD build, because for whatever reason, alone Cyclone allows you to move while attacking. And actual me if I'm wrong, but I couldn't anticipate of any added accomplishment that allows you to abide direct-attacking while moving.

Why is that? And why can't we accept more?!

It absolutely makes no faculty anyway, not getting able to airing while accepted our swords. Can you brainstorm a real, medieval battle, adhering to this rule? The armies allegation at anniversary other, alone to stop abruptly, POE currency and bulb their anxiety durably in the ground, berserk accepted their weapons, continuing in place?

No. Action is aqueous and chaotic, by nature.

Think about it. Why can't you run while aiming/channeling Scourge Arrow? Why can't you allegation up Divine Ire while on-the-move? What's the point in accepting to angle perfectly-still while channeling Blade Flurry, or Incinerate? Why can you move while spinning berserk and aggressively with Cyclone, but have to about-face statuesque, in adjustment to anathema anyone with Wither?

It makes no faculty in-game, and even beneath applied faculty for action in-general. Why does Cyclone get to be the alone one?

I anticipate it's time to annex out, GGG.