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Wood Tar Uses in Skull and Bones Season 2

Jul-05-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Wood tar is a valuable resource for players of the pirate adventure game Skull and Bones. This thick, dark liquid, distilled from the wood of certain trees, can be used to craft a variety of advanced weapons, tools, and ship parts at the Blacksmith.

Wood Tar Uses in Skull and Bones Season 2

One of the main uses for wood tar in Skull and Bones is to create more powerful standard weapons. For example, the basic Salverm pistol can be upgraded to the Salverm V model using wood tar and other ingredients. The Salverm V has significantly more firepower than the standard Salverm, with increased range, damage, and reload speed.

Similarly, the Rip Cannon II is a heavily improved and enhanced version of the basic Rip Cannon that can do even more damage to enemy ships. And the Mons Mag II magnetic harpoon launcher is also enhanced with wood tar to increase its striking power and penetration. These advanced weapons can play a vital role in naval battles, allowing players to eliminate enemies faster and more effectively.

In addition to upgrading weapons, wood tar can also be used to craft unique gear and tools. The Lance I is a specialized boarding tool that uses wood tar-based adhesives and reinforcements, allowing players to cling to and climb the sides of enemy ships. This is essential for raiding and capturing ships in close combat.

Perhaps most importantly, wood tar is a key ingredient in the production of the Iron Shell V, one of the sturdiest hulls in Skull and Bones. This heavily armored and reinforced hull increases durability, making the player's ship more resistant to gunfire, ramming, and other attacks. In the heat of naval battle, having a sturdy Iron Shell V can be the difference between victory and defeat.

However, it's not always easy to obtain sufficient quantities of wood tar to craft these advanced items. It must be harvested from special trees in certain areas of the game world, and the refining process is time-consuming. Many players choose to invest in increasing their wood tar production capabilities early on, as this provides a significant strategic advantage.

One effective strategy is to build a network of wood tar-collecting outposts, where teams of AI-controlled crew members constantly collect the valuable resource. Players can then return to these outposts regularly to restock their wood tar stocks. Upgrading these outposts in various ways is also key, as it can increase tar production.

Alternatively, players can seek out and conquer enemy tar production facilities, either destroying them or taking them over for their own use. This can be a risky proposition, as it could provoke retaliation from the former owner, but the potential rewards make it worth it for many players.

Of course, simply having a large amount of tar isn't enough - players must also have the appropriate blueprints and crafting skills to turn it into the advanced items they need. Researching new blueprints and leveling up the blacksmith skill are the steps to becoming a master at tar utilization.

Ultimately, tar is a vital resource that separates the average pirate from the true captains of industry in Skull and Bones. Those who can most effectively use its alchemical properties to upgrade their arsenal and fortify their ships will have a huge advantage over their opponents on the high seas. Embark on the ultimate pirate journey with MMOEXP! Enter a vast world, command powerful fleets, engage in thrilling naval battles, and collect legendary treasures. Enhance your gaming experience with exclusive offers, expert strategies, and premium resources through MMOEXP - Cheapest Skull and Bones Items and Skull and Bones Silver. Our platform offers everything you need to dominate the high seas, from top-tier gear to advanced customization options. In the brutal, cutthroat world of piracy, it's a resource worth fighting for.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team