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2024 Dark and Darker Tips and Tricks

Jun-01-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker is a first-person fantasy PvPvE game set in a perilous dungeon full of traps and powerful foes. Players are dropped into the dungeon, aiming to escape using a Blue Portal while collecting as much loot as possible. However, as the match progresses, the safe area of the map gradually shrinks, and players will encounter enemies and other players vying for the same treasures. Here are some essential tips and tricks to help you navigate the dangers of Dark and Darker and emerge victorious.

2024 Dark and Darker Tips and Tricks

Beginner Tips and Tricks

Learn How To Tackle Each Mob

Your health is a precious resource in Dark and Darker, so it's crucial to avoid taking damage whenever possible. Understanding how to handle each type of mob can save you a lot of trouble.

Skeletons: Keep your distance and wait for them to complete their attack animations before moving in for your strike.

Skeleton Archers: Watch out for their rapid double-arrow shots and dodge accordingly.

Mages: They can cast protective spells on themselves and others. Keep your distance and avoid their spells.

Spiders: These come from spawners resembling ceramic pots. Destroy the pots to prevent more spiders from appearing. Use high ground to attack them safely.

Flying Skulls: Their eyes glow gold when preparing to swoop. They have low HP, so dispatch them quickly.

Mummies: Avoid their green noxious gas clouds, which deal damage over time. The gas disperses after a short distance.

Wraiths: Strong and persistent, wraiths will stay aggroed on the last player who hit them. Try to let them chase other players.

Champions: These skeletons with horned helmets and shields are tough to handle alone. Kite them with ranged attacks.

Elite Mobs: Red skeletons and mobs with red eyes are more powerful and deal more damage.

Nightmare Mobs: Mobs with black eyes are even more formidable than Elites.

Practice Attacking

Each weapon in Dark and Darker has a unique attack animation and reach. Familiarize yourself with your weapon's mechanics to avoid hitting doorways or walls in enclosed spaces. Carry alternative weapons to handle different situations, such as hitting mobs close to the ground or in the air.

Avoid Friendly Fire

When playing in a team, positioning is key to avoid hitting your teammates. Spellcasters and Rangers should avoid standing directly behind melee players. Instead, position yourself to the side or use verticality to gain a safer angle on targets. Communicate with your team to ensure coordinated movements and avoid accidental hits.

Sell Your Loot

After successfully extracting from a dungeon, visit the merchants to sell any useless DND items or trinkets for Dark and Darker gold. Trade valuable items with other players or give them to friends who can use them. Always carry healing items like bandages and health potions to prepare for the end-of-match skirmishes.

Open Portals

If you find an Escape Portal, open it even if you're not ready to leave yet. You can then explore nearby rooms for more loot before escaping. If the final circle is closing and you can't find an exit portal, consider taking a Down Portal to the second floor of the dungeon. It's a risky move but better than certain death when the circle closes completely.

Aim for the Head

Headshots deal the most damage to enemies. Practice aiming for the head using the dummies in the waiting area before a new game starts.

Loot Faster

Use the right mouse button to quickly move loot to your inventory. This method is faster than dragging or double-clicking and can save valuable time when you're in a hurry.

Intermediate Tips and Tricks

Know When to Engage

Upon entering a new room, assess the situation before engaging. Sometimes it's better to aggro only a few mobs at a time or sneak past them entirely. If you can't handle the mobs, retreat and close the door to lock them in.

When encountering other players, decide whether to engage or avoid them based on your health, loot, and team situation. Sometimes avoiding a fight is the best strategy, especially if you're not well-prepared.

Practice Fighting

Developing combat skills is crucial. Even if you can avoid fights, practicing PvP engagements helps improve your overall game performance. Experienced players who practice fighting will have an advantage, even with worse gear.

Use the Darkness

Classes like the Rogue and Wizard can use invisibility skills to ambush enemies. All players can use the dungeon's darkness to their advantage by hiding in shadows or extinguishing torches. Remove glowing potions from your utility slots to stay hidden.

Throw Torches

Use torches to illuminate dark areas, especially in small loot rooms or when kiting enemies into dark corners. This helps you see and fight more effectively.

Remove Armor for Speed

Some players opt for minimal clothing to increase mobility. This armorless strategy sacrifices protection for speed, which can be advantageous in certain situations.

Find the Best Team Composition

A balanced team typically includes a Cleric for support, a ranged DPS like a Ranger, and a melee DPS such as a Barbarian. Avoid pairing the Cleric with only ranged classes, as having a mix of melee and ranged is generally more effective.


Dark and Darker is a game of strategy, skill, and quick thinking. By understanding the behavior of different mobs, practicing combat, and utilizing the environment to your advantage, you can increase your chances of survival and success. Use these tips and tricks to navigate the perilous dungeons, collect valuable loot, and escape to victory. In addition, this guide also applies to Dark and Darker Mobile, we will also offer Dark and Darker Mobile Gold and other services, thank you.

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