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Getting Started with Spells in Dark and Darker

May-15-2024 PST Dark And Darker

When you're ready to harness the power of spells in Dark and Darker, follow these steps to equip and cast your favorite spells as a Wizard or Cleric:

Getting Started with Spells in Dark and Darker

Equipping Spells

Visit your class page and navigate to the spell menu before your first match.

Each class has two skill slots that can hold up to five spells each.

Hover your cursor over spells on the right side of the screen and drag them into your desired spell slots.

Remember, you can't cast spells without a Spell Memory Skill equipped. Activate your skill slot by equipping Spell Memory under the Perk & Skill menu. Without Spell Memory, the skill slot will be highlighted in red with a "spell memory required" notice.

Acquiring Gold

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Wizard Spells Overview

Tier I Spells: Zap, Light Orb, Ignite

Tier II Spells: Slow, Ice Bolt

Tier III Spells: Magic Missile, Haste

Tier IV Spells: Lightning Strike, Invisibility, Fireball

Tier VI Spells: Chain Lightning

Cleric Spells Overview

Tier I Spells: Bless, Protection

Tier II Spells: Divine Strike, Cleanse, Lesser Heal

Tier III Spell: Bind

Tier V Spell: Holy Light

Tier VI Spell: Sanctuary

Tier VIII Spell: Resurrection

Casting Spells

Default weapons for Wizards and Clerics are a magic staff (slots "1" and "3") and a shield (slot "2"), respectively.

Press "E" to access your spell wheel and position the cursor where you want to cast.

Right-click to cast the selected spell; hold longer for stronger spells with lengthier cast times.

Managing Knowledge

You need Knowledge to cast spells, starting with a base value of 12. Gear can increase your Knowledge and unlock more spells during runs. Manage your Spell Memory Priority meter to ensure you can cast your chosen spells effectively.

Spell Memory and Cost Limit

Spell Memory determines the number of spells you can equip. Monitor the Cost Limit based on your Knowledge stat to avoid exceeding it and losing access to spells.

Casting Spells While Running

Spells consume Spell Memory, requiring strategic use during runs. Wizards can use Meditation to regenerate magic power between battles.


Now equipped with the knowledge of spellcasting as a Wizard or Cleric in Dark and Darker, venture into dungeons and unleash your powerful spells on enemies. Master your spells and dominate the game!

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team