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Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide

May-11-2024 PST Dark And Darker

In Dark and Darker, the Cleric is a versatile class that can excel in various roles, from support to offense. To become the best Cleric and outshine others, follow this guide for the optimal build.

Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide

Weapon Choices

Clerics have the option to wield a shield with a blunt weapon for melee combat or focus on using spell weapons. Regardless of your choice, the Cleric is crucial in any team composition, whether for casual play, dungeon domination, or boss fights. They shine particularly in team matches, where their support abilities are invaluable.

Role Overview

The Cleric is primarily known as a support class with the ability to deal significant damage using spells or other weapons. Their most crucial role is combating Undead enemies, utilizing a range of spells, weapons, and abilities tailored for this purpose.

Pros and Cons


Excellent healing abilities with spells, crucial for team survival in intense battles.

Can buff teammates with bonuses to damage, defense, and health, while also debuffing enemies.

Can wear Plate Armor for durability in combat.

Versatility to switch between being a healer, damage dealer, buffer, debuffer, or warrior.

Natural advantage against Undead enemies, making them a valuable asset in specific scenarios.


Often targeted by enemy teams due to their importance in protecting allies.

More effective in team fights than solo adventures.

Best Skills for Cleric Build

Spell Memory 1 and 2: Essential for learning and using a wide array of spells throughout the game.

Holy Purification: An AoE skill dealing significant magic damage to Undead enemies.

Smite: Activated skill providing a damage boost to enemies.

Judgment: Targeted spell reducing enemy movement speed and dealing damage.

Starting with Spell Memory and Judgment can provide a strong foundation for your Cleric build.

Best Perks for Cleric Build

Undead Slaying: Increases physical damage against Undead foes.

Advanced Healer: Enhances healing abilities and grants bonus HP.

Requiem: Boosts revived teammates' health and eliminates health sacrifice at altars.

Blunt Weapon Mastery: Amplifies physical damage with blunt weapons.

Protection from Evil: Reduces negative debuff effects.

Choosing Advanced Healer initially can bolster your healing prowess.

Cleric as PvE and PvP Class

While Clerics can handle solo play to some extent, they truly shine in team settings, excelling as healers, buffers, and debuffers. For solo play, prioritize self-buffing and damage-dealing skills and equipment.

In team play, Clerics are indispensable, providing vital support and reviving capabilities. Pair them with tanks and attackers for optimal performance in combat scenarios.


In Dark and Darker, the Cleric stands out as a versatile and essential class for team success. With the right skills, perks, and strategies, you can become a formidable force in both PvE and PvP encounters.

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