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Dark and Darker Cleric Beginner's Guide

May-04-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Are you drawn to donning heavy plate armor and battling the undead head-on? If so, the Cleric class in Dark and Darker might be your perfect fit. Clerics excel in group play with their healing and revival abilities, but they can also hold their own in solo adventures with the right gear and skills. This guide is your roadmap to becoming a formidable Cleric in Dark and Darker, capable of standing strong in the toughest challenges.

Dark and Darker Cleric Beginner's Guide

Cleric Class Overview

The Cleric stands out as one of the top classes in Dark and Darker, essential for conquering the game's most challenging content. They combine healing prowess with damage-dealing abilities and provide valuable buffs to the entire party.


Offers bonuses and healing

Can wear plate armor and wield blunt weapons, making them more resilient than expected


Vulnerable in solo encounters

Thrives in team play, less effective solo

Best Perks for the Cleric Class

For solo play, prioritize perks like Blunt Weapon Mastery, Undead Slaying, Brewmaster, and Advanced Healer. In group play, focus on perks like Kindness, Advanced Healer, Requiem, and Perseverance. Adapt your perk choices based on your playstyle and the situation.

Best Skills for the Cleric Class

Choose Holy Purification or Judgement (depending on PvE or PvP focus) and Spell Memory as your primary skills. Holy Cleansing is excellent for AoE damage against undead, while Judgement deals fast damage to close-range foes.

Best Spells for the Cleric

Protection: Shields against physical attacks

Bless: Grants stat bonuses

Divine Strike: Boosts weapon damage

Cleanse: Removes debuffs

Bind: Stops enemies momentarily

Lesser Heal: Main healing spell

Holy Light: Heal allies and damage undead

Resurrection: Revive fallen teammates

Best Gear for the Cleric Class

Prioritize gear that enhances your spellcasting speed and boosts important stats. Consider using a Spell Book for faster spellcasting, along with a small Buckler shield and a mace for combat versatility.

Tips and Tricks for Playing as a Cleric

Maximize your damage potential with blunt weapons and undead-specific perks.

Utilize Resurrection strategically to revive teammates.

Focus on support but be prepared for combat when necessary.

Communicate effectively with your team and coordinate buffs and heals.

Experiment with different builds and gear to find what works best for your playstyle.


The Cleric is a vital asset in Dark and Darker, balancing healing and damage to support the party in overcoming challenges. Get Dark and Darker Gold from MMOexp to equip yourself to get through the tough times. With the right skills, spells, and gear, you can become a formidable force in both solo and group play. Master the art of Cleric gameplay and lead your team to victory in Dark and Darker!

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team