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A Hot Guide to Expedition Mutators in New World

Dec-02-2023 PST New World

Expedition Mutators in New World introduce exciting challenges and unique gameplay experiences for adventurous players. These mutators modify the behavior and abilities of both regular and named enemies, requiring players to adapt their strategies and approach each encounter with careful planning. In this guide, we will delve into the world of Expedition Mutators, providing you with all the information you need to navigate these thrilling expeditions.

A Hot Guide to Expedition Mutators in New World

Understanding Expedition Mutators

Expedition Mutators bring forth alterations to the familiar enemies encountered in Expeditions. By augmenting their abilities and characteristics, mutators transform these adversaries into formidable foes, demanding players to devise new tactics to emerge victorious.

A Mutated Expedition represents a heightened level of difficulty, offering ten progressively challenging levels. Each difficulty tier incorporates a varying number of Mutations. It is crucial for players to consider their gear score, as each level recommends a specific score to ensure success. Furthermore, the rewards escalate with each difficulty level, including an increased number of Umbral Shards.

Gaining Access to Mutated Expeditions

To embark on a Mutated Expedition, players must first successfully complete the vanilla version of the corresponding Expedition. Upon completion, they will obtain the Codex, granting them access to the first level of the Mutated Expedition. Upon conquering this initial level, the Codex's difficulty level will automatically advance by one, enabling entry into the subsequent level. This progression continues until the final difficulty level is achieved.

Alternatively, players can receive an invitation to join a Mutated Expedition from a player who already possesses access. Upon completing the expedition, the player will receive a Codex for the difficulty level one tier higher than their previous access level. For instance, if a player joins a Mutated Expedition at difficulty level 5 but only holds access to level 1, their Codex will be upgraded to level 2 upon successful completion.

Scoring Mechanics in Mutated Expeditions

Upon finishing a Mutated Expedition, players receive a shared score that determines their ranking and associated rewards. The score range determines the ranking as follows: scores below 25,000 points receive Bronze, while scores between 25,000 and 49,999 points earn the Silver ranking. Achieving a score of 50,000 points or more secures the prestigious Gold ranking. Players must attain a Silver ranking to progress to the next level of Mutated Expeditions.

Several factors contribute to the overall score, necessitating teamwork and strategic coordination:

Respawns: Each player death moderately reduces the score.

Team Wipes: A significant reduction in score occurs for each team wipe during a boss encounter.

Time: The score is influenced by the completion time, with faster runs yielding better scores.

AI Kills: Meeting the set target value for enemy kills in the Mutated Expedition contributes to the score.

Exploring Mutations in Expeditions

The number and types of Mutations in a Mutated Expedition vary based on the difficulty level. Levels 1 to 5 feature Elemental Mutations exclusively. Levels 6 to 8 introduce Elemental and Promotions Mutations, while levels 9 and 10 incorporate Elemental, Promotions, and Curse Mutations.

Before embarking on a Mutated Expedition, players can review the information screen to learn about the active Mutations. This screen also provides guidance on whether their gear is suitable for the intended level of success.

Elemental Mutations: These Mutations introduce various elemental effects to enemy attacks, including Void-infused enemies (Eternal), Nature damage emphasis with enhanced resistance (Overgrown), Ice Elemental effects (Icebound), Fire Elemental damage (Hellfire), and increased Physical damage (Barbaric).

Promotions Mutations: Promotions Mutations enhance enemy abilities, bringing new challenges to the battlefield. Examples include mana drains and zones of silence (Oppressive), enemies utilizing life-stealing abilities and summoning protective phalanxes (Indomitable), and mobs causing healing reduction and emitting damaging beams (Savage).

Curse Mutations: Curse Mutations afflict players with debilitating curses, necessitating careful management. These curses include Frenzied, which stacks damage over time on players who dodge, dealing maximum damage to nearby allies; Fiendish, which targets nocturnal players; Desiccated, which occasionally engulfs players in Elemental energy, requiring cleansing by proximity to the afflicted player when empowered; and Censored, which causes players' abilities to backfire against them.

Prepare for the Unpredictable

Expedition Mutators in New World breathe new life into familiar encounters, offering thrilling challenges and rewarding experiences. As you venture into Mutated Expeditions, remember to communicate effectively with your team, adapt your strategies to the active Mutations, and buy New World Coins from MMOexp to unlock greater rewards. Embrace the unknown, and conquer the mutated realms that await you in New World!