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Advanced Strategies for EA FC 24 - Dominate the Pitch

Mar-25-2024 PST FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 has captured the attention of football fans from around the globe for all the right reasons. But the ultimate goal of the whole FIFA gaming community is to have the best team and become the master of the game. A lot of changes are also coming to the game, especially in mechanics and AI.

So, everyone is looking for some of the best EA Sports FC 24 strategies to deal with any team they want. These five strategies are tested by pro players and will help you in dominating the field. Along with these strategies, you also need FC 24 Coins, skills, tactical knowledge, and execution to be a successful team owner. Master these strategies with practice to take your game to new heights of success.

Advanced Strategies for EA FC 24 - Dominate the Pitch

1.Learn to Create Space

The first important strategy for EA Sports FC is to learn how you can create space on the field. This strategy is used in real football to make room for shots on the goals and play development. In this strategy, you sometimes give short and quick passes to your teammates and change the tempo of the game according to the field situation.

This will disrupt the defensive lineup of the other team. The key to success in football is to be unpredictable. Make such moves that the other team keeps guessing about your next move. Mix your attack patterns. Ask your full-backs to make overlapping runs on the field and use the width of the field for this purpose. No matter how good the defense of the other team is, you can always break it by creating space. Dynamic runs are great for helping your teammates in learning new moves.

2.Defense Discipline

No matter how good your attacking lineup is, you can’t outperform a team on the field without a good defense. A good defense is the backbone of any team in FC 24. Many players mistake defensive moves for tackling but it means a lot more than that. Defense includes positioning, when to press when to sit back, and anticipation. Contain and jockey features are available to lead attackers into a less threatening area on the field.

To become a good defender, you need to practice a lot. If you want to catch your enemies off guard, try to transition from defense to offense or vice versa in no time. This way, your defense will also attack as a good offense. When it comes to defensive discipline, you need to have patience because one wrong move can give the other team benefit and can cost you the whole match.

3.Learn Set-pieces

For tight matches, set-pieces are very important because they can decide whether you'll win or lose. EA Sports FC 24 brought many new features and mechanics to set pieces. You now have better creativity and control over your set pieces if you understand this system well. Become a specialist in corners, penalties, and free kicks. Practice different techniques and plays according to your gameplay style. Various plays such as direct shots and intricate routines can confuse the defense lineup of the other team. Learn important strategies for set-pieces and implement them to create more goal-scoring opportunities.


After each game, use the advanced analytics to learn about your playstyle and areas of improvement. Detailed post-match stats and performance data are available in FC 24. You can learn your pattern, weaknesses, and strengths thanks to this data. Learn how much possession of the ball you had during the match to improve yourself. It also shows the accuracy of your passes to your teammates and your shot conversion rates. You can also study the analysis of the gameplay of the other team to learn from their mistakes. Success in FC 24 is all about learning new techniques and making your game better.

5.Win the Psychological War

EA Sports FC 24 is a realistic game when it comes to football action and just like in real life, you have to win the psychological war to defeat the other team. This war involves everything from playing with the mental state of the other team and keeping the momentum of the game under your control. This will put the other team under a lot of pressure and make them commit mistakes that can also cost them the match.

If you have possession of the ball, you can easily frustrate the other team. Slow the game down and speed it up from time to time to control the flow of the match. Make sudden changes to your formation and use other unexpected tactics to dominate the field. If the other team tries to put pressure on you, keep cool and make the right decision. Critical moments are very important and you have to keep your cool in these moments like penalty shootouts and corners, etc.

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