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Best Center Backs in EA Sports FC 24

Jul-08-2024 PST FC 24
Solid center backs are a must-have for every team in EA Sports FC 24, as they form the backbone of your defense and battle it out with opposition strikers. These players form the foundation of any experienced team, providing a solid base to build on. Below are some of the top center backs(CB) you can use to improve your squad in EA FC 24, whether you're building a team for Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

Best Center Backs in EA Sports FC 24

Top CBs in EA FC 24

Rúben Dias (89 Overall)

Rúben Dias is a rock-solid defender for Manchester City. Known for his strength, tactical awareness, and pinpoint accuracy, Dias boasts an overall rating of 89. Defensively, he is a beast, with an 89 rating in defending. Although he isn't the most mobile option with a pace rating of 62, his exceptional positioning and tackling attributes more than make up for it. Additionally, his physicality rating of 87 means he can handle the toughest strikers.

Virgil van Dijk (89 Overall)

Virgil van Dijk epitomizes defensive brilliance. Physically strong with an 86 strength rating, he can dominate any backline. Rated 89 overall in EA FC 24, van Dijk's speed (78) combined with his defensive skills (89) makes him a formidable opponent. Standing at 6 foot 4 inches, he also adds significant aerial presence from set pieces. His good passing (71) allows him to initiate attacks from the back, making him ideal for any style of play.

Marquinhos (87 Overall)

Marquinhos is a versatile defender who can also play as a right back (RB) or central defensive midfielder (CDM) if needed. With an overall rating of 87, he offers speed (78) and dribbling (74) to maneuver in tight spaces. His defensive ability (89) and physicality (80) are indicative of a strong back-row presence. Marquinhos' passing (75) and ball-playing skills make him an excellent modern central defender.

Matthijs de Ligt (86 Overall)

A young world-class defender, Matthijs de Ligt has a well-rounded set of attributes with an 86 overall rating. Although not the quickest with a pace of 66, his defensive ability (85) and physicality (86) make him a solid choice. His passing (64) and dribbling are sufficient to maintain possession when playing out from the back.

Ronald Araújo (86 Overall)

Ronald Araújo is a rising star from Barcelona with an overall rating of 86. His speed (79) makes him one of the fastest center backs in EA FC 24. Araújo's defensive stats (86) and physicality (84) make him difficult to get past. While his passing (62) and dribbling (65) could improve, Araújo remains a fantastic option for any squad needing defensive reinforcement.

Éder Militão (86 Overall)

Éder Militão is a top-tier center back playing for one of the strongest teams. With an overall rating of 86, his pace (85) stands out, making him one of the fastest defenders in the game. His defense (86) and physicality (82) suggest he can handle most attackers. Militão's passing (69) and dribbling (71) are impressive for a defender, enabling him to initiate plays from the back.

David Alaba (85 Overall)

David Alaba is a versatile defender who can play almost any position on the pitch except striker. With an overall rating of 85, he offers speed (79), excellent passing (83), and dribbling (81) for a center back. His defensive (85) and physical (77) stats provide a solid presence at the back.

Alessandro Bastoni (85 Overall)

Alessandro Bastoni is a young defender at the heart of Inter's defense. His 73 pace and defensive rating of 86 are his most vital attributes. Bastoni's passing (72) and dribbling (73) suit a defender who supports the team's build-up play. His physicality (83) ensures he can handle physical forwards.

Antonio Rüdiger (85 Overall)

Antonio Rüdiger is an imposing defender from the German league. With an overall rating of 85, he combines speed (82) with solid defensive (84) and physical (86) stats. His height and physicality make him difficult to outmuscle. Rüdiger's passing (71) and dribbling (66) are decent, making him a competent ball-playing center-back.

John Stones (85 Overall)

John Stones, another Manchester City player, is reliable in defense with an overall rating of 85. He has a balanced mix of defending (85), passing (75), pace (72), and dribbling (77). Stones' physicality (77) makes him a solid defensive option capable of joining attacks from midfield.


These center backs are among the best in EA Sports FC 24, offering a mix of defensive solidity, physical presence, and ball-playing ability. Accumulate enough FC 24 coins as early as possible to invest in better players. Whether you're building a team for Ultimate Team or Career Mode, investing in these top-tier defenders will provide a strong foundation for your squad. With their exceptional attributes, these players will enhance your team's defensive capabilities and contribute to a successful campaign in EA FC 24.

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