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Best QB ratings - Madden NFL 23

Aug-13-2022 PST Madden 23

Meta Description: EA finally disclosed the total rating for each individual quarterback in Madden 23 during the rating week.

The newest release of the football simulator, Madden NFL 23, is just a few weeks away. Developer EA Sports are releasing the top rankings for various positions in the game in an effort to generate excitement for the release. A recent rating release focused on the quarterback, who is perhaps the most significant position on the football field.

Players were perplexed when attempting to determine which QBs would receive the most outstanding ratings in Madden 23. Joe Burrow surprisingly won the AFC Championship, Aaron Rodgers recently earned the NFL MVP award, Tom Brady came out of retirement, and Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes seem to be the greatest in their positions for the near future.

It is inevitable that there will be controversy over the quarterback rankings since everyone wants their quarterback to be at the top of the list. Moreover, to improve their game experience, individuals who wish to add top-rated players to their ultimate teams must need to collect or Buy Madden 23 Coins. The top 10 quarterbacks in Madden are listed here for fans to see where they slipped.

Madden 23's Top 10 Quarterbacks

Madden's 99 Club begins without a quarterback for the first time in years. It's somewhat surprising since several quarterbacks could receive 99 OVR ratings. A QB may be promoted as soon as the season begins, as EA closely monitors the position. Until then, here are Madden 23's top 10 quarterbacks.

1. OVR 97: Tom Brady

Although Tom Brady is unquestionably the greatest quarterback in Madden 23, it's strange to see the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the top position. It was a tough season for him because he lost the NFL MVP award as well as the NFC Divisional game. Despite the fact that Brady is 44 years old, he still has phenomenal numbers.

2. OVR 96: Aaron Rodgers

The defending NFL MVP only has a 96 OVR despite deciding to re-sign with his long-time team in the summer. When you look at Aaron Rodgers' stats, you would assume that he is still in his prime against the odds.

3. OVR 95: Patrick Mahomes

Last season, Patrick Mahomes was on the Madden cover and part of the 99 Club. The ratings currently place him behind two ageless wonders with a 95 OVR. Despite an up-and-down season last season, Mahomes now faces an uphill battle without Tyreek Hill.

4. OVR 92: Josh Allen

Since Josh Allen has played in the NFL, his performance has improved, and we should see the same thing in 2023. As a quarterback, Allen may be in a better position than any other on this list due to the quality of players around him on both sides of the ball.

5. OVR 90: Joe Burrow

After the 2021–2022 season, the reigning AFC champion quarterback's stock soared. Last year, Joe Burrow showed off his extraordinary talent by leading the Bengals on an unlikely journey to the Super Bowl.

6. OVR 89: Dak Prescott

This season, we leave the 90 OVR range quite fast, thanks to Dak Prescott, who comes in at 89 OVR. Since they were eliminated from the playoffs last season, the Dallas Cowboys can't seem to piece together a whole season. Dak Prescott is considered to be one of the most reliable quarterbacks in the NFL. Thus, he may quickly see a boost to 90 OVR.

7. OVR 88: Justin Herbert

Last season, Justin Herbert showed off his powerful arm and astute decision-making, showing proper maturation. Although the Chargers missed the playoffs on a technicality, Herbert will have a much better supporting cast in 2022–2023.

8. OVR 87: Jackson Lamar

87 OVR is undoubtedly low for a former NFL MVP and an absolute wonder on the field. The grade, however, most likely results from Jackson's injuries from the previous season and further worries going into this season. Jackson's rating ought to rise if he can remain on the field.

9. OVR 87: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has moved to Denver this offseason after ten years of outstanding play in Seattle. Wilson should be able to throw the ball farther than before because there won't be any wind during home games. Russ will have access to tools that might make him a dark-horse candidate for MVP because the Broncos also have a respectable offense.

10. OVR 85: Matthew Stafford

The reigning Super Bowl-winning quarterback must be included in the top ten; else, it wouldn't be fair. With the quality the Rams have surrounding him, Matthew Stafford misses the cut at 85 OVR but might soon see a significant increase.

Final Thoughts

There are ten quarterbacks who rank among the top ten in Madden NFL 23. After the real-life NFL season kicks off this fall, those ratings will be adjusted so that they reflect the real-life performance of the players. It is essential to maintain your eye on the latest Madden NFL 23 information available at mmoexp.com.