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​D2R Guide: Budget Fireclaw Druid for Ubers

Mar-07-2022 PST Diablo II Resurrected

Hello everybody with the impending patch 2.4 I figured I would share this aide for individuals who are becoming ill of doing ubers with the normal cutout smiter. I have tried this on PTR 2.4 it works extraordinary, it isn't generally so quick or simple as smiter however this is a tomfoolery fabricate that is currently a simple uber executioner with new fix balance changes. Lets get to it!

Outline - Can I level with this form? - Certainly yet it will be a sluggish tanky construct!

Does this form have a quick clear speed? It is neither sluggish nor quick, this form can 1 punch any non fire resistant in the game essentially anyway it is a solitary objective harm tank expect fair clear paces in specific regions to slow clear speed. This form is more intended for HC players or for ubers or simply a tomfoolery work to ascend stepping stool with it's anything but an incredible MF or stepping stool start fabricate it will be slow.

Is this HC practical? - About as HC practical as it gets, the bear has a gigantic life pool I suggest involving a safeguard in HC and ensure your protections are great and have some Life siphon prior to going into damnation.

Speedy NOTE - You really want something like 6000 assault rating to make this function admirably, I go for substantially more than that more like 8-12000 AR remember this.

Will fire immunes be an issue? No not the smallest, your devastating blow alongside crude actual harm will deal with them, not so much as a fire/actual resistant will stop you as either your decripify from merc or amp harm from atmas special necklace assuming wearing one will break the actual insusceptibility. There isn't anything you can't kill.

Details -

Strength : Enough to wear your stuff

Skill : Enough to reach somewhere around half square with Stormshield or Whistans 75% square is better assuming that you can do this without forfeiting an excess of wellbeing. You can likewise go unadulterated imperativeness yet I incline toward some square opportunity % . Assuming utilizing a 2 gave weapon possibly use smoothness on the off chance that you want the ATTACK RATING!

Imperativeness : All the rest

Energy : none to no one's surprise

Abilities : This form expects essentially level 80 with all the expertise missions done, I suggest unloading additional items into soul of wolverine or oak sage or go ahead and test. (typhoon can now be utilized as bear may be really great for extra failing)

20 Werebear

20 FireClaw

20 firestorm

20 liquid stone

1-xx Oak Sage ( put more here in the event that you want more life)

1-xx Spirit of Wolverine ( put focuses here if need AR and harm more than life)

1 - Hunger ( this can take care of yourself particularly in HC with its life gains, 1 point here only for endurance.

1 - bring grizzly ( large tank to retain some harm for you)


Head protector - Guillomes face/Jalals/Rockstopper (very modest choice)/interesting druid cap

Talisman - Angelics (monstrous AR help)/felines eye/intriguing ornament/made special necklace/atmas scarab

Rings - 2 x angelics/saintly + raven ice/2 x ravenfrost/uncommon ring/made blood ring

Gloves - Laying of hand thorn gloves/Crafted blood gloves/anything 20 IAS

Belt - String of Ears/blood belt/anything truly life and opposition makes a difference

Body - Duress/Duriels Shell/smoke/shaftstop

Weapon - Black runeword/Windhammer (with shael rune)/Heavens light (2x shael)/6 attachment PB with 4x shael 2x eth utilize an IAS mini-computer to be certain the number of shael rune (you should utilize Guilliomes and Goblin toes if involving this weapon as it has no CB%

Safeguard ** if neccesary - Stormshield/Whistans monitor (with ELD rune)/Mosers 2 x eld runes

Boots - Goblin toes/Gore riders

Charms - Attack rating/Life/Resistance charms depending on the situation. Assault rating is mega significant this form as is opposition you as of now have a huge load of life in Bear structure

Switch - Life tap wand with a fair safeguard ( rhyme, whistans) you want this to life tap ubers.

Hired fighter - Option 1 this is the better choice I think.

A2 favored point merc ( this give you monstrous AR that is required for this form)

Merc Gear

Protective cap - Tal rasha/crown of cheats/vampgaze/steelskull

Shield - unfairness ( I don't reccomend whatever else u need the FADE and the 45%ias is an absolute necessity ) utilize whatever until u can get this

Weapon - Reapers cost

choice 2

A5 Barb merc

Weapon - Lawbringer in etheral legend sword

Steerage - Tal rasha/crown of hoodlums/vampgaze/steelskull

Covering - injustice ( I don't reccomend whatever else u need the FADE and the 45%ias is an unquestionable requirement ) utilize whatever until u can get this

Technique - This form is incredibly tanky so it is extremely difficult to kick the bucket. Ensure your merc stays alive however much as could reasonably be expected decrepify is a colossal reward! Duriel and Izzy are a cake walk simply remember to I didn't require life tap for these battles crush them!! Whenever you get to Lilith ensure that you life tap her than change to bear structure and assault, consistently have 4 antidiote pots in your belt and it can likewise assist with chugging 10 of them before the battle as it stacks your opposition. At the point when prepared to open ubers ensure you have 1 column of full rejuvs, 1 line of wellbeing pots, 1 line of mana pots (for baals mana consume) and 1 line of cure pots. For the unfairness off your merc and set in on yourself, proc its FADE in the fire in stream of fire or in tumult tristram itself, be cautious in trist as at times meph comes toward you in the wake of entering trist go north immediately to keep away from this there is fire to remain in there. At the point when prepared get every one of your abilities in right hotkeys rush to the left side and draw mephisto out cautiously, life tap him change to bear and go in for the kill (DO NOT FORGET TO SWITCH FROM LIFETAP WAND!) . It can likewise assist with chugging a lot of THAWING and ANTIDOTE pots before this battle also stacking cold and toxic substance obstruction! Once mephisto is managed run back toward gateway and circumvent right side , draw baal out cautiously lifetap him with wand switch weapon transform into bear and crush him. He has a ton of life show restraint this isn't a smiter. Whenever baal is managed Diablo is a weakling , life tap him kill him get your TORCH !!! :) trust you partake in the aide let me in on any ideas, bits of knowledge!

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