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​D2R - The hunt for Jah begins

Apr-11-2022 PST Diablo II Resurrected

I was a player back in the 1.07 1.07 - 1.09 days, and then jumped back in after D2R came out. Online, I am a player however mostly in solo mode.

In the last few months, I've been able upgrade to a lvl 90 firewall/orb sorc, and a lvl90 Hammerdin.

Between the meph/pindy (sorc) as well as chaotic (hdin) runs, I've found decent loot from these. Shakos, spirits, d shell, shaftstop, wartravs. It's enough to produce decent mf and last.

Recently I've been using my hdin in order to run chaos, opened an open bone chest, and I got my first high-rune Ber! That's why I'm going to make Enigma. There's a good chance I'll locate Jah alone.

What is the best method of getting the Jah rune? There's not a amount of tradeable items, but my second highest runes are fal and gul.

What are the most popular items that you could trade with Jah? I'm using PC I'm just trying to find some guidance so that I make sure I don't allow this Ber run be a stalemate for a long time before I use it.

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