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​Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Guide

Mar-28-2022 PST Diablo II Resurrected

With the new ladder coming to the Diablo 2 resurrected, everyone is getting ready for the latest grinding season as the first goal is to reach level 99 and sit at the top of the leaderboard to watch other players fight. This guide features information about how you can effortlessly climb the ladder in Diablo 2.

Ladder in Diablo 2 Resurrected

The ladder is the latest addition to Diablo 2, which acts as a multiplayer realm for players to compete with players from all around the globe for a position at the leader board. The only requirement is to create a new character for every ladder season.

You will move up the ladder as you fight and defeat enemies, eventually ending up at level 99, the maximum level. The rewards of maximizing the ladder are all around the game ranging from runewords, cube recipes, and other unique items.

How to Climb the ladder in Diablo 2?

The ladder is a competitive leaderboard in Diablo 2 that shows each season's top players and their class, level, and experience points. Your only goal is to reach level 99 and end up at the number 1 spot on the leaderboard, which won't be difficult if you do everything according to this guide.

To keep the ladder event, separate from other events in Diablo 2, developers came up with an easy solution and restricted the mix-up of the ladder and non-ladder characters. The biggest reason so many players are excited about the ladder is that you will get rare items. A single ladder season resets after six months, and the game notifies you before the reset.

· Reach Tristram

After resetting the ladder, your previous ladder character will also become a non-ladder character that you can use after one season. As soon as the event starts, you should start the game in multiplayer mode and reach Tristram. Kill mobs and bosses at Tristram until you reach a minimum of level 14. This will be the official start of your ladder journey, and you can grind for a higher level than 14.

· Visit the Tomb of Tal Rasha

After passing the level 14 mark, try to complete Act 2 by going to the tomb of Tal Rasha. You can do this until you reach level 20, and reaching that level mark will require various visits to the given location. The best thing about Tal Rasha is that every visit will provide you with many experience points.

If you have completed Act 2, it is time to move to Act 3 and 4. You may opt to move to a location on the map where you can get many experience points, but pro players suggest that you complete these Acts first. Defeat the ancients at normal difficulty after reaching Act 5.

· Defeat Ancients

You need to meet the level 24 requirements to defeat ancients, but you can quickly achieve the given level by completing all quests of the first four acts. The defeat of ancients will provide you with a rise in your level along with other rewards. As soon as you reach level 25, the upcoming runs are relatively easier.

You have to reach level 40, which you can easily do by fighting the Bal multiple times. It is essential to go to the Ancients again and defeat them at a nightmare difficultly. To reach level 60, you can visit the Bal and defeat it at nightmare difficulty. If you face gear problems, defeat the Nightmare boss Mephisto for some good items.

· How to Buy Ladder Items

If you need d2r ladder items, securely buy them from mmoexp to make your journey to level 99 easier. This is the final leveling phase in the ladder, and you have to take on quests at hell difficulty from this point onwards. Hell Chaos theory and Hell Bal are the best experience points and other high-level rewards sources.

· Defeat Enemy Bosses

By defeating enemy bosses at these locations many times, you will have enough experience points to reach level 99, which is the level cap for the current season ladder. You should join a party of more than eight players in Diablo 2 resurrected to get an experience point boost for the reach quest that you complete.


Players can take on challenges in a nightmare difficult even if their overall level is low, but there will be a penalty of experience points for engaging in such activity. This prevents players from skipping the game's basics and enjoying its true essence. To avoid such a situation, reach a minimum of 40 before switching to nightmare difficulty for challenges. You have the option to redo all the above steps if you aren't satisfied with your performance or you want some excellent gear.