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​Dark and Darker: Exploring the stability of Items

Feb-13-2023 PST Dark And Darker

Exploring the stability of Items in Dark and Darker, this put up locate reddit... Im sharing right here with you. The equipment in Dark and Darker is balanced very poorly. There are some factors that I will dig into so live some time an listen.

- Gear Rarity performs a far larger function in fights than Skill.

- Certain Classes that advantage from even moderate stat bumps end up definitely unstoppable while sporting a complete set of appropriate equipment.

- Not having a restrict on which equipment may be added into the Normal Dungeon is hurting the sport (in my opinion).

Gear Rarity

Lets take the Rondel dagger as an instance. Assuming you don't have any different equipment equipped, simply the dagger, and assuming you're attacking a a hundred fitness goal (the bottom HP for the Fighter) going from the beginning Dark Grey rarity to the Blue rarity cuts the quantity of hits you want in half.

14 base harm at the Starting Rondel takes eight hits to do as a minimum a hundred harm

23-26 base harm at the Blue Rondel takes five hits at 23/24 and four hits at 25/26 to do as a minimum a hundred harm

This assumes no Armor/Shields at the goal and no Dots carried out to the goal. This additionally assumes that the Blue Rondel doesn't include an affix that improves your harm output that could probably impact those numbers pretty a bit.

Blue Rarity guns are unusual sufficient that it genuinely is a sport changer while you come upon one and it feels extraordinarily unfair while you die to them whilst the usage of some thing lesser, specifically if you bought in greater hits than the opposite participant through a sizeable quantity (with out a recovery or shields carried out).

And that is simply a novel gadget slot. Getting +2 to +four harm or All Attributes in every of the eight different slots outcomes your harm output a lot that you may effortlessly begin one or  tapping a few training whilst on the equal time gaining the capacity to take an extra one or  hits because of having better armor/fitness.

My private low attempt idea to make this higher might be to have every rarity handiest impact both the bottom stats at the object or the capacity for the object to advantage an extra affix, in preference to each.

For instance Grey -> White will increase base stats, White -> Green profits an affix, Green -> Blue similarly will increase base stats, Blue -> Purple profits an extra affix, Orange and Legendary Items should each boom Base stats and advantage an extra affix (or  withinside the case of Legendary).

This likely is not the first-rate answer however it might pass a protracted manner to creating gadgets sense a touch bit greater balanced. This additionally makes Blue gadgets now no longer sense pretty as effective as they presently are whilst retaining pink gadgets as that thrilling drop. Additionally I might individually absolutely put off the Grey Tier gadgets from the beginning drop pool and/or have gamers begin with Grey Tier gadgets in preference to the Dark Grey Tier gadgets that we presently begin with. My opinion in this be counted is completely primarily based totally at the content material to be had to apply at this contemporary moment, I realize that withinside the destiny there could be a ground in advance than the presently 1st ground.

Something to remember is this type of device might inherently make Green Rarity gadgets greater precious because of them having the equal quantity of affixes as Blue Rarity gadgets. To counterbalance this remember elevating the bottom stat variety better than what they presently are to make Blue really well worth retaining over Greens.

Not Every Class Benefits Equally

Ranger (and to a few enlarge Fighter considering they could use the equal guns) advantage substantially extra from a minor stat growth than another elegance withinside the sport. This is because of their cappotential to pelt their goal down variety going into pretty some pictures earlier than their goal may even near the gap. This approach any extra harm you've got got applies that rather more to the goal. If you're doing three extra harm in step with hit than your beginning weapon and also you land four hits this is 12 extra harm you simply did, earlier than your goal even were given into variety to swing their weapon. Add onto that the truth that Ranger, whilst having constrained get right of entry to to melee guns, nevertheless has get right of entry to to a number of the quality melee guns withinside the sport. Not most effective are they capable of do chip harm they also can compete effectively at melee variety.

On the turn aspect you've got got a category like Wizard that calls for pretty significant tools funding to certainly sense like your creating a dent on your harm output. This is for two reasons:

- Wizards huge spells (Chain Lightning and Fireball) hit difficult sufficient that breaking the brink to lessen the wide variety of hits to kill some thing takes ~10 extra harm, that is hard to gain on a unmarried piece of tools (technically workable in case your going from the bottom group of workers to to a pink or better rarity Spell Book or Crystal ball).

- Wizards middle harm spell (Magic Missile) travels sluggish sufficient that they're without difficulty sufficient dodge/block-capin a position and the Wizard is pressured to face nevertheless chile channeling it. Wizard additionally doesn't have a notable melee alternatives just like the Ranger so as soon as a person closes the space they're at placed at a heavy disadvantage. If you're capable of hit more than one hits of Magic Missile aleven though it does pretty a significant quantity of harm with low funding, its simply now no longer very probably to appear towards whatever apart from PvE mobs or Barbarians. (that stated I in my opinion accept as true with that Wizard is the maximum pretty balanced elegance in phrases of gearing on the moment)

I may want to pass into every different elegance for this phase however absolutely I sense like I even have made my point.

This is not certainly some thing that wishes to be "fixed" in and of itself, however its some thing to remember while sport stability is withinside the conversation. Especially while we're speaking approximately a sport wherein you're incredibly anticipated to lose your tools.

Having a few instructions be capable of carry out higher with decrease funding works nicely in video games like Diablo or Path of Exile in particular due to the fact you could exchange your tools among characters without problems because of this that you could farm for tools to your lesser funding person to tools up your different person(s). Yes I recognize you could technically exchange a chum and feature them exchange you your tools lower back on a one-of-a-kind person, however in my opinion I could as a substitute simply pay the service provider guild 15gp to immediately exchange my tools among characters.

No Gear Restriction

This is the phase this is probable to get the maximum humans to at once downvote this submit into oblivion. That is clearly now no longer why I positioned it close to the lowest via way of means of which period maximum humans studying this submit may have already clicked off or scrolled down into the comments.

With the kingdom that the equipment stability is in ceremony now, being allowed to usher in equipment is that numerous magnitudes higher than the beginning equipment (ie: Full Blue/Purple) is surely only a vastly unfair gain. I am certain maximum of the humans studying this had been in pretty some lobbies at this factor in which the identical 2 or three names are shooting up on your kill feed and also you later locate out (both via way of means of demise to them or escaping and spectating) that they had been a 3stack carrying a complete equipment setup of pink equipment.. In the regular dungeon in which getting a complete set of pink equipment is neigh not possible for on character, not to mention a complete three stack.

Here is my low attempt clean repair for this. Put a restrict on what rarity of equipment you could deliver into the Normal dungeon. To be clean I am now no longer announcing dispose of purples from the Normal dungeon drop table*. Make it so you can't deliver in some thing better than a Blue object into normals. This remains a quite huge gain however at the least activities the gambling subject a touch bit. On the turn this this additionally encourages gamers to* in reality have interaction with the excessive curler dungeon.

Seriously why even trouble placing High Roller into the sport if all and sundry is bringing the High Roller equipment into the Normal dungeon?

There is glaringly now no longer the excellent way to this unique trouble however the "excellent" answer is appreciably extra complex and is predicated on yada yada and huge math words.

For the report that is most effective this kind of huge trouble due to the fact you're essentially pressured to produce other gamers die to break out. Technically you could break out with out each interacting with every other participant however there honestly aren't sufficient Blue portals for all and sundry. This along side the stability of the sport has result in a state of affairs in which you nearly in no way see all and sundry in complete vegetables because you in no way have sufficient time to construct it up. Its nearly solely freshly wiped characters or complete blue/purples that had been nearly absolutely bought thru the alternate system.

So anyhow this is my warm take at the modern balancing of the sport. The recreation is presently balanced in a manner in which it feels extraordinarily paying homage to Pay 2 Win video games in which one aspect simply has this kind of huge gain over the alternative that ability is not often even a thing in a combat and rather fights are determined nearly solely via way of means of "how tons gp did you spend for your equipment".

I surely do wish that the Devs do some thing to repair the gearing problems in view that this recreation is in reality first rate a laugh while all and sundry is on a degree gambling subject. It might be an sincere disgrace to peer this recreation fall to terrible balancing. The degree designs are properly done, the fight itself feels good, the exceptional talents all sense specific and a laugh to use (even though a few are pretty useless, Wizard with out meditate and a Spell slot is a strait up meme). The most effective element this recreation is surely missing other than a few polish is stability and the full-size majority of that comes from equipment.

Thank you for studying, sharing and shouting your perspectives approximately Dark and Darker Items, and MMOexp provide Dark and Darker for sale, best price & professional service.