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​Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 1 Ladder Starter Guide

Mar-09-2022 PST Diablo II Resurrected

As the Season 1 Ladder of Diablo 2 Resurrected started on March 2, everyone wants to climb the top of the ladder in a short period and with minimum effort. This article features a complete season 1 ladder guide with all the details to help you achieve the top spot on the ladder. If you follow everything given in the guide, you can get ahead of the competition right from the first move.

Best Class for Season 1 Ladder

Before moving to the guide for the season 1 ladder, we need to choose a class for the ladder, and everyone has a different choice. All the classes in Diablo 2 resurrected are good as your skills and gameplay matter the most, but sometimes the wrong class at the wrong time can turn the table against you. You should choose a class based on your gameplay style, and the game currently offers seven classes.

· Amazon

· Sorceress

· Paladin

· Barbarian

· Necromancer

· Assassin

· Druid

Now that you have picked up your class, it is time to work on your build but don’t forget to check the ladder box before selecting the class.

Tips for leveling in the Ladder Season 1

Complete Character quests for bonuses When it comes to the tips for season 1, the most important tip is that you should never skip quests, especially those that will give you a permanent stat bonus. Some quests which offer good stat bonuses for your characters are given below, along with the stat bonus that they offer.

· Act I – Den of Evil quest to get skill points and a respec

· Act II – Radamant quest for the Skill points

· Act III – Figurine Quest for 20 health points

· Act III – Lam Esen’s Tome quest for stat points

· Act IV – Izual quest for two skill points

· Act V – Freeing Anya quest for ten resistance points to all

You can complete all these quests in all the available difficulties for a total of 12 skill points, 30 resistance points to all characters, 15 stats points to all characters, and 65 health points.

Use Runewords

Even the smallest details have large impacts during leveling, and d2r ladder runewords are one of those Diablo 2 Resurrected items. You can get your hands on runewords from the countess in both normal and nightmare or spend some money to buy them from MMOexp effortlessly. Some of the best runewords for ladder season 1 are given below and their type and order.

· Level 17 Stealth body armor with Tal and Eth

· Level 19 Leaf Staff with Tir and Ral

· Level 21 Ancient Pledge Shield with Ral, Ort, and Tal

· Level 25 Spirit Sword or Shield with Tal, Thul, Ort, and Amn  

· Level 27 Lore Helm with Ort and Sol

· Level 27 Insight Polearm or Staves with Ral, Tir, Tal, and Sol


Although Diablo 2 Resurrected offers various mercenary options, you should focus on only one mercenary, Act 2, as it offers auras and stability and various other benefits. You will get blessed aim, defiance aura, and prayer if you run it in both normal and hell mode.

The nightmare mercenary mode features holy freeze, might, and thorns aura, ranked as the best rewards among all the other auras available in the game. If you are running in the normal mode, the blessed aim is the best choice for physical, and prayer is best for casters.

Hold on to these items during leveling

The start of the game is slow in terms of items, but the items become difficult to find as you level up in the game, so pro players advise that you should hold on to the below items to avoid searching for them in later stages game.

· Flawless Skull, Ruby, Amethyst, and Topaz gems

· Sol and Ral Runewords

· All the available jewels in-game

· Small charms

· The large charm that offers high resistance

· The grand charm that offers a plus to skill and high resistance

Ladder Season 1 route

There are two popular leveling routes for ladder season 1 in Diablo 2 resurrected, and each route has its benefits and is difficult. You should choose a route based on your preferences and adapt your gameplay style according to the needs of the route for better results.

No Rush Route

· Unlock Tristram with regular leveling

· Run Tristram in public games till level 15

· Complete Act 1 and Act 2

· Tomb runs till level 24

· Complete Act 5 to finish the story

· Use Ancients after level 24

· Chaos or Bal runs till level 40 or 45

· Complete all Acts in Nightmare mode

· Chaos or Baal runs to level 70 or level 75

· Complete all Acts in Hell

· Chaos or Bal runs in 99

Rush Route

· Unlock Tristram and run them till level 15

· Rush Act 1 and Act 2

· Tomb runs till level 24

· Rush Act 3 and Act 4

· Use Ancients after level 24

· Run Chaos and Bal till level 40 or level 45

· Complete all Acts in Nightmare

· Run Chaos and Bal till level 70 or level 75

· Complete All Act in Hell

· Run Chaos and Bal till level 99