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Diablo 4 Season 4: Get New Materials and Items - Tempering Recipe Guide

Jun-25-2024 PST Diablo4

Let's go over how to get everything in Season 4, specifically all of the new additions. For starters, the most frequently asked question I get is, "Where do you find the tempering recipes?" These are used to add special modifiers to your weapons and armor to give them more power, reduce cooldown duration, or other enhancements.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Get New Materials and Items - Tempering Recipe Guide

Tempering Recipes and Their Uses

Tempering recipes can drop anywhere in the game, but the best area for farming these is the Hell Tide. These areas are indicated by the red zones on your map. Engaging in activities within Hell Tide will increase your chances of obtaining tempering recipes and other valuable aspects.

Quick Tips for Using Tempering Recipes

1.Learn Immediately: Once you obtain a tempering recipe, right-click to learn it immediately. This prevents duplicates and ensures you can use that recipe forever.

2.Craft Wisely: Use tempering recipes primarily for your end-game gear. Avoid crafting lower-tier recipes as they can ruin your items.

3.Order Matters: Temper first, then enchant at the Occultist, and finally masterwork your item. This order is crucial to avoid bricking your item and wasting Diablo 4 gold.

Tempering can add modifiers like "chance to heal life on the lucky hit" or "increased damage to distant enemies". Each piece of gear has specific tempering slots, indicated by anvils on the item.

New Unique Items

The new unique items in Season 4, like the Fractured Winter Glass for Sorceresses, are highly sought after. To find these, you often need to farm specific bosses. For example, the Fractured Winter Glass drops from Lord Zir. You can use resources like MMOexp website to find out which bosses drop specific items and what materials you need to summon these bosses.

Summoning Bosses for Unique Items

To summon bosses like Lord Zir or the new Uber Duriel, you need specific materials:

Exquisite Blood: Acquired from world bosses like the Blood Medan, Hell Tides, treasure goblins, and whisper caches.

Stygian Stones: Needed for summoning Uber bosses, obtained from world bosses or the Pit.

Each boss requires different D4 materials, so always check what you need before attempting a summon. Some materials have a low drop rate, so expect some variability in your results.

New Elixirs and Their Uses

New elixirs, like the Elixir of Holy Bolts, can be found primarily in Hell Tides. These elixirs offer various benefits, from dealing extra damage to providing movement speed and experience boosts.

Elixir Tips

1.Sell High-Demand Elixirs: The Elixir of Holy Bolts is highly valuable, especially for Necromancers. Consider selling it for a significant amount of D4 gold.

2.Leveling Elixirs: The Elixir of Momentum is great for leveling due to its experience boost and movement speed increase.

Masterworking Your Gear

Masterworking is a new system introduced in Season 4, replacing the old upgrade system. Instead of upgrading items to 5 out of 5, you can now masterwork them up to 12 tiers.

How to Masterwork

1.Unlock the Pit: Complete a Nightmare Dungeon of tier 46 to unlock the Pit, where you can obtain the materials needed for masterworking.

2.Materials Needed:

Abyssite: Used from tiers 0-4.

Ingot: Used from tiers 5-8.

Nethereon: Used from tiers 9-12.

Each tier increases your item's stats by 5%, with significant boosts at tiers 4, 8, and 12.

Trading Items

Trading has become an essential part of Season 4. You can trade most unique items and materials, although Uber Uniques remains account-bound.

Trading Tips

1.Utilize Websites: There are numerous websites where you can buy and sell Diablo 4 items for gold.

2.Clan and Community: Ask in clan or all chat for specific items. Streamers and community members often have extra items they are willing to trade or give away.

New Greater Affix Items

These items roll higher than normal by 1.5 times, similar to ancient items in previous Diablo games. Simply playing the game in World Tier 4 will yield these items over time.

Hell Tide and Propane Mine Cages

Engaging in Hell Tides not only provides elixirs but also unique materials like Propane Mine Cages. These increase the Hell Tide monster level and cinder drop rate, enhancing your farming efficiency.

How to Use Propane Mine Cages

1.Build Threat Meter: Engage enemies in Hell Tide to fill your threat meter.

2.Fight the Boss: Once the meter is full, defeat the boss to obtain a Propane Mine Cage.

3.Apply Buffs: The cage increases monster level, cinder drop rate, and threat gain for 60 minutes. Note that dying will remove this buff.

Leveling and Glyph XP

The best places to level up quickly include Hell Tides and higher-tier Nightmare Dungeons. Ensure you claim the ashes from the Battle Pass to boost your experience and glyph XP.

Battle Pass Tips

1.Claim Your Ashes: These provide significant boosts, including more XP and reputation.

2.Follow the Order: Upgrade from left to right to maximize your benefits.


Season 4 of Diablo 4 introduces a plethora of new materials, unique items, and crafting systems. By engaging in Hell Tides, mastering the tempering and masterworking systems, and utilizing the trading community, you can maximize your character's potential. Don't forget to leverage resources and community tools to enhance your gameplay experience. Happy hunting, and may your loot be ever plentiful!

For more detailed guides and updates, follow MMOexp and you don't miss out on any Diablo 4 content.

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team