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Diablo 4 Season 4: Efficiently Farming Materials for Duriel

Jun-24-2024 PST Diablo4

Diablo 4's Season 4 brings new challenges and opportunities for players, one of which is the duriel. Farming materials for duriel can be a grueling task, especially for solo players. In this guide, we will discuss the most efficient ways to farm these Diablo 4 materials, ensuring you can summon and hunt duriel as quickly as possible, whether you are a solo player or part of a group.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Efficiently Farming Materials for Duriel

Importance of Team Play

Playing with friends can significantly ease the burden of farming materials for Duriel. If you have one or two friends who can play consistently, you can divide the farming tasks among yourselves. One player can farm Wasan materials, while another focuses on Gya materials, and then you can combine your efforts for the Duriel. This method is much faster and more efficient than solo farming, as the materials for Duriel are tradable, allowing both players to benefit.

However, if you are a solo player, there are still efficient strategies you can employ to farm the necessary materials.

Preparation for Farming

Before you start farming, it is crucial to maximize your movement speed. Equip a pair of boots and an amulet with the highest possible movement speed bonuses and imprint them with any mobility-enhancing aspect. The Ghost Walker aspect is a good choice. This setup will allow you to reach your farming destinations faster and act more swiftly.

Farming Materials for Duriel

To summon Duriel, you need two types of materials: shots of Agony and mucus L eggs. To farm these materials efficiently, you will need to gather materials for Wasan and Gya first.

Gathering Gya Materials

Gya materials can be farmed during Helltide events, specifically by collecting Living Steel. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1.Participate in Hellride Events: Hellride events are available for 55 minutes each hour. During these events, you need to collect 550 Cinders to open Living Steel chests.

2.Focus on Events: Find at least two or three events within the Hellride zone. Running back and forth between these events ensures a constant supply of monsters that drop Cinders. Don't just run through; kill every monster on your path and interact with anything that drops Cinders.

3.Open Living Steel Chests: Once you have 550 Cinders, open two Living Steel chests. This should take about 20 minutes if you are efficient. Afterward, you will have around 40 minutes before the next Hellride event starts, during which you can farm Wasan materials.

Gathering Wasan Materials

To summon Wasan, you need Gaggling Head, Reen Fermer, Trembling Hand, and Malignant Heart. These materials can be farmed from Whispering Caches and Grotesque Stalkers.

1.Whispering Caches: Earn Whispering Caches by completing bounties to earn Green Favor. Each cache guarantees at least one to three Wasan materials.

2.Grotesque Stalkers: These enemies spawn randomly while completing bounties and drop one to two Wasan materials upon defeat.

Efficient Bounty Completion

Completing bounties is the best way to earn Green Favor quickly. Here's a prioritized list of bounties to maximize your efficiency:

1.Green Favor Bounties: Always prioritize bounties that grant five Green Favors.

2.Abomination Bounties: Killing Abomination bosses grants five Green Favors and SE of Hatred, which can be used for other purposes.

3.Head of M Bounties: Defeating the Head of M grants five Green Favors and a chance to drop IGN Call, needed for summoning Echo M.

4.Loot Oblix Bounties: Quickly looting three Oblixes grants three Green Favors and drops Elemental Cores.

5.Construct Bounties: Slaying 100 Constructs can be done while completing other bounties, granting three Green Favors.

6.Vault Bounties: Completing Vault Bounties grants five Green Favors. These can be done quickly if you focus on speed running.

Completing these bounties efficiently can be done in under 10 minutes if you are fast. Movement speed is key here, so make sure you are equipped for quick runs.

Dungeon Runs

After completing the bounties, head to dungeons with bounties on them. These dungeons can be completed in two to three minutes each, granting five Green Favors per run. This allows you to gather materials quickly and move on to the next objective.

Participating in World Events

Always keep an eye on World Boss and Legion events. Participating in these events grants significant rewards:

    World Boss Events: Grant five Green Favors upon completion.

    Legion Events: Grant three Green Favors upon completion.

These events also increase the chance of spawning Grotesque Stalkers, providing additional materials.

Solo Farming Efficiency

If you are a solo player, the above strategies are still applicable, but it is crucial to be as efficient as possible. Focus on high-reward bounties, participate in Hellride events, and make use of your mobility gear to reduce farming time. While solo farming can be more time-consuming, the right approach can minimize this.

Joining a Group

Soloing Duriel runs can be challenging and material-intensive. If possible, find a party through in-game trade channels or Discord communities. Group play not only reduces the time needed to farm materials but also makes the Duriel run more manageable.


Farming materials for Duriel runs in Diablo 4 Season 4 can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies, it can be done efficiently. And you can buy D4 materials/items or Diablo 4 gold from mmoexp.com directly, save your time. Whether you play solo or with friends, prioritizing movement speed, focusing on high-reward bounties, and participating in Hellride and World events are key to gathering materials quickly. By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to summoning and hunting Dural with ease. Happy farming and hunting!

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team