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Diablo 4 Season 4: Duriel Materials and Summoning Guide

Jun-08-2024 PST Diablo4

In Diablo 4, players can acquire unique mounts and various items by facing the Echo of Duriel boss. To unlock this boss fight, you must gather specific D4 materials needed for summoning Duriel. This guide will help players understand how to obtain these materials and defeat Echo of Duriel to claim valuable loot in Diablo IV.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Duriel Materials and Summoning Guide

How to Summon Echo of Duriel

To summon the Echo of Duriel, an endgame boss in Diablo 4, players must gather two different duriel materials. Here's a breakdown of each material required and how to obtain them:

1.Mucus-Slick Eggs: Obtainable by defeating Echo of Varshan in World Tier 4. It's important to note that players may need to defeat this boss multiple times to acquire enough Mucus-Slick Eggs to summon Duriel.

2.Shards of Agony: Acquired by defeating Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint. Similar to the previous boss, players may need to farm this encounter several times to gather sufficient Shards of Agony.

Preparation for the Fight

Summoning and facing Echo of Duriel isn't an easy task; players should prepare adequately for the challenging battle. Here are some recommendations for preparation:

Resistance to Poison: Duriel deals significant poison damage, so prioritize building up resistance. Use Flawless Emeralds and Elixirs for resistance and equip accessories that offer additional poison resistance.

Rewards from Echo of Duriel

Defeating Echo of Duriel rewards players with Unique and Uber Unique items, enhancing their character's power and capabilities. Here's a breakdown of the rewards by class:


Unique: Azurewrath, Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty

Uber Unique: Doombringer, The Grandfather


Unique: Tempest Roar, Dolmen Stone

Uber Unique: Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander


Unique: Black River, Blood Moon Breeches

Uber Unique: Doombringer, The Grandfather


Unique: Cowl of the Nameless, Scoundrel's Leathers

Uber Unique: Doombringer


Unique: Flamescar, Blue Rose

Uber Unique: Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander

6.All Classes:

Unique: Godslayer Crown, Flickerstep, Tibault's Will, X'Fal's Corroded Signet, Soulbrand, Banished Lord's Talisman

Uber Unique: Melted Heart of Selig, Andariel's Visage, Harlequin Crest, Ring of Starless Skies


Smoldering Brimstone Mount (available for all classes)

By defeating Echo of Duriel, players not only gain powerful items but also unlock a unique cosmetic mount, the Smoldering Brimstone Mount, adding flair to their adventures in Diablo 4.

Tips for Success

Group Play: Consider teaming up with other players for increased chances of success.

Build Optimization: Tailor your character build to maximize damage output and survivability.

Potion Management: Keep an ample supply of healing and mana potions to sustain during intense battles.

Learn the Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with Duriel's attack patterns and mechanics for better strategic planning.


With this guide, players can effectively summon and defeat Echo of Duriel in Diablo 4, unlocking valuable rewards(a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and Diablo IV Items) and enhancing their gameplay experience. Prepare diligently, gather the necessary materials, and face the challenges that await in the dark and perilous world of Sanctuary.

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team