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EA FC 24: A Deep Dive into the 5212 Formation

Dec-09-2023 PST FC 24

Hello, Dear reader. In this guide, we'll explore the nuances of 5212 formation, breaking down tactics, instructions, and player choices to elevate your gameplay experience. So, buckle up and let's get into the details.

EA FC 24: A Deep Dive into the 5212 Formation

Formation Overview: Unleashing the 5212

The 5212 formation is a modified version of the 41212, featuring a central column reminiscent of its predecessor. However, what sets it apart is the dynamic role of the left wing backs and right wing backs. In contrast to the 41212, these players are not just defensive assets but serve as potent attacking options. Their unmarked status and ability to contribute to both buildup play and attacks make the 5212 a formidable choice for those seeking a unique edge.

Tactical Breakdown

Defensive Style:

Given the formation's inherent defensive support in the middle, opt for "Pressure on Heavy Touch" to complement the back five's structure.

Defensive Width: Set it to 35 to maintain a compact defensive shape, preventing wide gaps and ensuring defensive solidity.

Defensive Depth:

Start with a depth of 65, recognizing that this is an advanced setting. Adjust it according to your play style – reducing it to 40 if you find it too attacking, or experimenting to find your sweet spot.

Attacking Style:

Embrace the "Long Ball" tactic to unleash the flying fullbacks, allowing them to make unmarked runs and provide crucial attacking support.

Attacking Final Third:

Prioritize "Forward Runs" to encourage dynamic movement inside the box. Experiment with "Direct Passing" and "Forward Runs" based on your preferences and the specific situation.

Player Instructions

Left Wing Back and Right Wing Back:

Opt for pacey players with high stamina.

Choose players like Centon Mendy for their defensive prowess and lightning pace.(If you haven't got Centon Mendy yet, I recommend buying cheap FUT 24 FC Coins from the MMOexp shop and opening the pack to get him.)

Set instructions to "Overlap" and "Join the Attack" to maximize their offensive contributions.


Use a balanced or default setting for the goalkeeper. Consider a sweeper keeper if preferred.

Center Midfielders:

Both on "Cover Center" and "Stay Back While Attacking" to maintain defensive stability.

Advanced users may experiment with leaving one midfielder unbalanced for additional attacking support.

Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM):

Instruct the CAM to "Stay Forward" and consider a player with agility for effective ball control and dribbling in tight spaces.


Customize your striker pairing based on your preferred play style.

Experiment with combinations of tall and short players, considering attributes like agility and maneuverability.

Mastering the 5212 formation in FC 24 requires a balance of defensive solidity and attacking flair. Patience is key, especially in waiting for the opportune moments to exploit the unmarked runs of your wing backs. As you implement these tactics and instructions, remember that personalization is crucial – adjust settings to align with your play style and preferences.

MMOexp FC 24 Team