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EA FC 24 Formation: Unleashing the Attacking Power of the 4231 Formation

Jan-22-2024 PST FC 24

Welcome back to another tactical deep dive into the world of FC 24, where we explore a potent attacking tactic in the 4231 formation. In this guide, we'll break down the nuances of this formation, discussing defensive styles, player instructions, and the overall strategy that makes it a force to be reckoned with on the virtual pitch.

EA FC 24 Formation: Unleashing the Attacking Power of the 4231 Formation

Defensive Setup:

The tactical foundation of this formation starts with a balanced defensive approach. A 50-width and 71-depth provide a solid structure, allowing for effective defending while maintaining the ability to transition into a swift attack. The recent nerfs to pressuring specific areas have minimal impact on the effectiveness of a 71-depth setup, making it a viable choice for players looking to control the game.

However, it's essential to be cautious about cutbacks, as the absence of a comeback on defense might leave you vulnerable. Consider activating the comeback on defense for both wide players (LAM and RAM) if cutbacks become a recurring issue. Adjust the width based on your defensive preferences, and if necessary, increase it to enhance coverage against cutbacks.

When experimenting with lower defensive depths, such as 45, employing "pressure on heavy touch" as a conservative option can help maintain defensive stability. This way, your team will only press when there's a genuine opportunity to win the ball, avoiding unnecessary risks.

Long Ball Philosophy:

Despite variations in playstyles, the guide emphasizes the effectiveness of the long ball strategy. Even with the absence of a specific "get in behind" instruction for central attacking midfielders (CAMs), long balls ensure dynamic forward runs, especially crucial for creating scoring opportunities.

Forward Runs vs. Direct Passing:

The choice between forward runs and direct passing for CAMs depends on personal preferences. However, the guide strongly leans towards forward runs, asserting its superiority over direct passing in both old-gen and new-gen gameplay. The forward runs provide a more dynamic and unpredictable attacking style, keeping the opposition on their toes.

Width and Player Instructions:

Balanced width is recommended, but adjustments can be made based on your preferred attacking style. If you aim for wing play, a wider width can be beneficial, while "Hug the Sidelines" can also be employed to stretch the opposition. Six players in the box ensure a threatening attacking presence, with the LAM and RAM instructed to get into the box for crosses.

Player-Specific Instructions:

Striker: A marksman striker is ideal, instructed to stay central, stay forward, and get in behind.

CAM: The attacking midfielder is directed to stay forward and get into the box for crosses.

CDMs: Defensive midfielders are divided into the most defensive and most attacking. The most defensive player adopts cut passing lanes and covers the center, while the most attacking player gets forward. Balance between the two is crucial for effective transitions between defense and attack.

Fullbacks: Both fullbacks are on overlap, allowing them to contribute to attacking plays. Consider using cover wing if you prefer one fullback to join the attack while keeping the other on stay back while attacking.

Center Backs: Ideally, center backs should possess pace to handle defensive responsibilities effectively.

Goalkeepers: The goalkeeper instruction is flexible, but one with the "Sweeper Keeper" trait can be considered, especially when the fullbacks are frequently involved in attacking plays.

The 4231 attacking tactic presented in this guide offers a versatile and potent strategy for FC 24 players. Tailor the instructions to fit your playstyle, experiment with different defensive setups, and make adjustments as needed. Mastering this formation can provide you with the ability to defend and attack seamlessly, unlocking a world of exciting possibilities on the virtual pitch. As always, adapt the tactics to your preferences, and may your journey in FC 24 be filled with thrilling victories. And know more about FC 24 formations, buy EA FC 24 Coins, players info., and more, follow MMOexp.com right now.

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