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EA FC 24 Season 4: Exciting Rewards, Dates & More

Jan-27-2024 PST FC 24

EA FC 24 Season 4 has arrived in Ultimate Team. This new season brings a plethora of rewards, including packs, cosmetics, and special cards for players to unlock. With its increased value and enticing offerings, EA FC 24 Season 4 is set to captivate players like never before.

EA FC 24 Season 4: Exciting Rewards, Dates & More

Perfectly timed to coincide with the launch of all Team of the Year (TOTY) card packs, EA FC 24 Season 4 couldn't have come at a better moment. Additionally, the new Milestone Rewards feature packs that include some of these highly sought-after special cards.

Level 1 introduces players to the excitement with the UEFA hero Carlos Tevez, who is available on loan for ten games. This level serves as a fitting starting point for the journey that lies ahead. As players progress to Level 2, they are rewarded with a Gold Bonus of 1,000 FC 24 coins spread across ten games. This boost in currency allows players to enhance their Ultimate Team experience.

Level 3 presents a tempting prize: a 83+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack. This pack contains valuable players that can significantly strengthen any squad.Moving on to Level 4, players unlock the Carlos Tevez UCL Hero TIFO, a visually stunning item that showcases their support for the talented Argentine forward.

Level 5 offers another exciting opportunity with the 84+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack. This pack increases the chances of landing high-rated players, adding depth and quality to the team. Level 6 takes the excitement up a notch by offering an additional 84+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack, accompanied by the UCL Hero Carlos Tevez Banner.

At Level 7, players are rewarded with yet another 84+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack, further bolstering their chances of obtaining top-tier talent for their squads. Level 8 introduces an even more generous reward: the 84+ x5 Rare Gold Player Pack.

Reaching Level 9 unlocks the Carlos Tevez UCL Hero Banner. Level 10 brings the excitement of the Team of the Year to the forefront with the TOTY Honorable Mention Julian Brandt.

As players progress to Level 11, they receive a Gold Rare Kit, a visually appealing addition to their collection that allows them to stand out on the pitch.

Level 12 introduces the John Arne Reese UCL Hero Level, a unique accolade that celebrates the legendary Norwegian defender's achievements. Continuing the rewarding journey, Level 13 grants players a generous 83+ x10 Rare Gold Player Pack.

At Level 14, players are presented with the opportunity to acquire the 84+ x4 Rare Gold Player Pack. Level 15 introduces the Tomas Rosicky UCL Hero Level, a tribute to the Czech playmaker's illustrious career.

Level 16 unveils the 81+ x11 Rare Gold Player Pack, offering players a chance to obtain a combination of high-rated and potentially valuable players.Moving on to Level 17, players receive a valuable 1 Rare Gold Player Pack, which can provide a surprise addition to their squad or be leveraged for valuable resources. Level 18 brings the excitement of the 84+ x5 Rare Gold Player Pack. Reaching Level 19 grants players the choice between the 87+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack or the 86+ x3 Rare Gold Player Pack.

Finally, at Level 20, players are presented with three remarkable choices. They can opt for the Winter Wildcard Dennis Bergkamp, a player known for his elegance and technical prowess. Alternatively, they can choose the 84+ x20 Rare Gold Player Pack, providing an abundance of opportunities to secure top-rated players. Lastly, players can also select the 87+ x4 Rare Gold Player Packto further enhance their chances of acquiring elite talent.

EA FC 24 Season 4 is shaping up to be an exhilarating journey for Ultimate Team players. With its enticing rewards, including special cards, packs, and cosmetics, this season offers exceptional value and ample opportunities for players to strengthen their squads.

As players progress through the levels, they will be able to unlock iconic players such as Carlos Tevez, Julian Brandt, and Tomas Rosicky, each representing their respective achievements and contributions to the game. These special cards not only provide a boost to the team's performance but also add a touch of excitement and prestige to the Ultimate Team experience.

In addition to the player rewards, EA FC 24 Season 4 also introduces captivating cosmetic items. The Carlos Tevez UCL Hero TIFO, Carlos Tevez UCL Hero Banner, and John Arne Reese UCL Hero Level allow players to showcase their support for these legendary figures in the game.

The timing of EA FC 24 Season 4 is impeccable, coinciding with the launch of TOTY card packs. This presents a unique opportunity for players to combine the rewards from both the season and the TOTY packs, further enhancing their chances of acquiring highly coveted and exceptionally talented players.

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