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EAFC 25: The New Penta Mode and What It Means for Players

Jul-09-2024 PST FC 25

Today, I'm here to discuss an exciting new addition to EA Sports FC 25, specifically a new game mode called Penta. This is going to be a raw reaction, find out about this leaked game mode. So, let's dive right in.

EAFC 25: The New Penta Mode and What It Means for Players

The Need for Change in EA Sports FC

Before we delve into the specifics of Penta, it's crucial to acknowledge that FIFA and now EA Sports FC have been in dire need of change. The modes we've been accustomed to, like FUT Draft, FUT Champs, and Division Rivals, have become somewhat stale. The repetitive nature of these modes, with minor updates and occasional new objectives, has left many players yearning for something fresh and exciting.

One of the significant issues EA faces is the lack of a true casual mode. Friendlies are based on your division, which means even casual play can feel highly competitive if you're in higher divisions. There's no space for players to enjoy the game without the stress of maintaining their rank. This need for a balanced and engaging casual mode is what makes the introduction of Penta so intriguing.

Introducing Penta: A New Ultimate Team Mode

So, what is Penta? According to the leaks, Penta is a new Ultimate Team game mode where four human players and one AI goalkeeper face off against another team of four human players and one AI goalkeeper. This 4v4 mode with an AI goalie is set to bring a fresh dynamic to the Ultimate Team experience.

Key Features of Penta

1. Player Control: In Penta, you pick a player from your Ultimate Team and control just that player. This setup is reminiscent of Pro Clubs but integrated into Ultimate Team.

2. Team Up with Friends: You can group up with up to three other friends, making it a 4-player-controlled team, or you can randomly drop in with three unknown players, similar to Fortnite's squad fill feature.

3. Smaller Pitch: The pitch will be adjusted to suit the 5v5 gameplay, likely around 50-60 yards, ensuring a more intense and action-packed match.

4. Objectives and Requirements: There will be mini-objectives within this mode, such as max 75 rating or max 85 pace requirements, adding a layer of strategy and variety to the gameplay.

5. Additional Mode: Penta will not replace any existing mode but will be an extra mode within Ultimate Team. Squad battles are also set to receive a revamp in EC25.

Potential Impact and Community Response

Penta's introduction could be a game-changer for EA Sports FC. The ability to play with friends in a more casual yet structured environment could fill the gap that many players have felt in recent iterations. Playing with friends inherently makes the game more enjoyable and can boost engagement significantly.

However, there are still questions that need answers. For instance, will there be rewards for playing Penta? Will it operate similarly to Volta, which, despite its potential, never really took off? The community's response will largely depend on how EA structures the rewards and progression within this mode.

The Importance of Objectives and Rewards

One of the major driving factors for any game mode's success is the presence of objectives and rewards. Even if the gameplay is fantastic, without meaningful rewards, players might not feel incentivized to engage consistently. In the case of Penta, EA must include compelling objectives and rewards to keep players coming back.

Imagine if, by playing Penta, you could earn unique player cards, EAFC 25 coins, or other in-game items. This would add a significant layer of motivation for players to dive into this new mode. Additionally, having objectives like “win 10 matches in Penta” or “score 20 goals with a specific rating player” can provide structured goals that enhance the overall experience.

Balancing Casual and Competitive Play

One of the critical aspects that Penta needs to address is balancing casual and competitive play. As mentioned earlier, the current modes in Ultimate Team often lean heavily towards competitive play, leaving little room for casual enjoyment. Penta has the potential to bridge this gap.

By having a mode where you can team up with friends without the intense pressure of maintaining a high rank, Penta could offer a much-needed respite. It could function similarly to the old Call of Duty days with no skill-based matchmaking, where some games are tough, and some are easier, creating a more varied and enjoyable experience.

The Future of Squad Battles and Other Modes

Interestingly, Squad Battles are also set for a revamp in EA FC 25. While Squad Battles have their audience, they're often seen as a grind rather than a genuinely enjoyable mode. The revamp might bring in new mechanics or features that make it more engaging, but the community's initial reaction seems to be one of confusion—why focus on revamping Squad Battles instead of addressing more pressing needs?

The success of any new addition, including Penta, will depend on how well EA listens to its community. Over the years, there's been a sense that EA's priorities might not always align with what players truly want. Ensuring that modes are not just new but also meaningful and fun is crucial.


Penta represents a promising new direction for EA Sports FC 25. By introducing a mode that emphasizes teamwork, casual play, and strategic objectives, EA has the opportunity to rejuvenate the Ultimate Team experience. However, the mode's success will hinge on the details—how objectives are structured, what rewards are available, and how well it balances casual and competitive play.

As always, the community's feedback will be vital. If EA can align Penta's development with the desires of its player base, it could become a staple of the Ultimate Team experience. For now, we'll have to wait and see how Penta evolves as more details emerge. 

Stay tuned to MMOexp for more updates on EA Sports FC 25, and let me know what you think in the comments below. When the game is released, buy FC 25 Fut coins from MMOexp to get even more discounts!

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