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Elden Ring: 10 Things to Do Before the Release of Shadow of The Erdtree

Mar-28-2024 PST Elden Ring

Elden Ring was released in 2022 and it is quite big. It is so big that players are still finding new secrets in the game even after three years of its final release. The game received good reviews from critics and fans making it a success in the Game Awards. Elden Ring won the Game of the Year award. A year after the game was officially released, developers shared the news of the release of Shadow of Erdtree.

Now, the final release date of the new DLC called Shadow of Erdtree has been announced, and everyone is excited about it. Some players wonder How to prepare for Elden Ring DLC to get the most out of Shadow of Erdtree. In this Elden Ring guide, we’ll share ten things with you that you can do to prepare for Shadow of Erdtree. You can do these ten things in any order you want for as long as you do them before the final release of the DLC.

Elden Ring: 10 Things to Do Before the Release of Shadow of The Erdtree

1.Find missing Weapons and Armor

Nobody knows what the DLC will be like so it is better to have multiple build options. For this, you need a good collection of weapons and armor. Prepare plenty of Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items for the latest DLC. You'll be able to get some gear through completing questlines while other gear will require you to complete minor dungeons. If you have finished the game, it is time to set on the adventure to expand your arsenal with missing armor and weapons.

2.Get all Endings

There are six endings in Elden Ring and each ending has different requirements. This means that you can experience the game in six different ways. It is recommended to get all six endings before the new DLC is released to make yourself familiar with the game.

3.Kill the Lord of Blood

This is an actual requirement to access the upcoming DLC, so you must do it by any means necessary. There are two lords of blood, Mohg and Starscourge Radahn.

4.Find the perfect Build

When it comes to defeating some of the strongest enemies in Elden Ring, character builds are of great importance. Character builds are also important when a player wants to invade the world of someone else. A large number of builds are available in Elden Ring that you can try and some of them require some extra effort. Some are macro builds like dexterity builds, flame builds, sleep builds, etc. Other builds are niche builds such as Dragon, bleed, arcane, etc. To make sure that you deal with the DLC with full force, find your favorite build and master it.

5.Do all Side Quests

Side quests are optional quests in Elden that you don’t have to do to reach the endgame but they can provide you with some pretty good items and gear. The only downside of these side quests is that you'll have to find a guide to do these quests because you can’t follow them otherwise. Also, the game doesn’t provide any information about the order of these side quests.

6.Complete all Dungeons

Dungeons are special areas in the Elden Ring that are filled with enemies. Some of these dungeons are required to complete the game while other dungeons are optional. Optional dungeons are usually ignored by players but now that the new DLC is coming, you should do them as well. Optional dungeons are indicated on the map so you have to find them manually but it's worth the effort of finding and completing them.

7.Fight in Colosseum

Elden Ring has a large colosseum where players can engage in fights with enemies as well as with other players thanks to the new PVP mode. You can also create a team to fight together. Colosseum is a great way to put your fighting skills to a test and enjoy your free time in Elden Ring. You can also try fighting with different builds in Colosseum to find which build is the best for you.

8.Get the Whetstone Knife

The Whetstone knife is an important item in Elden's ring that you don’t want to miss out on. You can swap ashes of war and ashes of skills using this knife. If you have already missed it, you can purchase it from the Twin maiden husks at the Roundtable hold.

9.Defeat Malenia

Malenia is one of the hardest soulsborne bosses in the entire Elden Ring. Defeating Malenia isn’t required to access the DLC but it is beneficial as the DLC can be even more difficult than Malenia.

10.Upgrade all your Flasks

Flasks have life-saving powers in Elden Ring and mission which means your chances of losing are high. Get the maximum number of flasks along with the maximum potency of Flasks before you step into the Shadow of Erdtree DLC.

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