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Elden Ring Runes Service Special Deal - UP TO 10% Bonus

May-24-2024 PST Elden Ring

Dear Elden Ring Players,

MMOexp.com has good news for every Elden Ring player.

As we all know, a new DLC for Elden Ring has been released now, Shadow of the Erdtree is Live now and playable on all Platforms. This update is something that players are excited and looking forward to. For all Elden Ring players to have more success and happiness with the new DLC, MMOexp has actively prepared this promotion to celebrate DLC's coming as below:

Customers who purchase Elden Ring Runes at MMOexp.com can get addtional bonus, you can received extra bonus at unit purchase, up to 10% Runes Bonus!

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MMOexp Elden Ring Team