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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - Pre-order Deals and Collector's Edition Hunt

May-23-2024 PST Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the groundbreaking creation of FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, continues its saga with the imminent release of its first expansion, "Shadow of the Erdtree." With promises of expanded realms and heightened challenges, fans eagerly anticipate the new journey slated for June 21, 2024. As the expansion's release draws near, enthusiasts are embarking on a quest of their own - to secure the best pre-order deals and hunt down the coveted collector's edition.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - Pre-order Deals and Collector's Edition Hunt

The expansion offers various editions catering to different preferences and budgets: standard, premium bundle, deluxe, and collector's edition. Each edition grants access to a new in-game gesture, enticing players to embark on this new adventure in style.

For those content with the digital realm, the standard edition offers an affordable entry point. Priced at £34.99/$39.99, players can secure their digital copy through platforms like PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or Steam Store. Fanatical even sweetens the deal with a discounted price of £30.79 for PC users.

Meanwhile, the premium bundle edition elevates the experience with digital bonuses, including an artbook and original soundtrack. Retailing at £44.99/$49.99, this edition appeals to collectors of digital memorabilia, available on the same platforms as the standard edition.

For the ultimate Elden Ring aficionado, the deluxe edition bundles the base game with the premium expansion, ensuring a seamless transition into the new content. Priced at £84.99/$99.99, this edition caters to newcomers and veterans alike, consolidating their journey within a single package.

Yet, it's the collector's edition that steals the spotlight, offering a tangible treasure trove for dedicated fans. Priced at £225 in the UK and $250 in the US, this edition boasts a digital expansion, a breathtaking 46cm Messmer the Impaler statue, a physical artbook, and the digital soundtrack. However, securing this coveted edition proves challenging, with limited availability and high demand.

As players gear up for the expansion, the hunt extends beyond digital storefronts to brick-and-mortar retailers. In the UK, Bandai Namco Store and The Game Collection offer fleeting glimpses of the collector's edition, while in the US, Bandai Namco Store stands as the sole purveyor.

For those yet to embark on the Elden Ring journey, opportunities abound to join the fray before the expansion's arrival. With competitive prices ranging from £41.85 to $50, players can acquire the base game from various retailers, ensuring they're primed and ready for the new challenges ahead.

As the countdown to June 21st continues, the Elden Ring community eagerly anticipates the unveiling of "Shadow of the Erdtree." Whether embracing the digital realm or seeking tangible treasures, players stand united in their quest for adventure, poised to explore the depths of FromSoftware's latest masterpiece. MMOexp has been keeping up with the latest Elden Ring DLC process to provide you with the best Elden Ring Runes and cheap Elden Ring Items service, we hope we can help you.

MMOexp Elden Ring Team