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Here's Everything You Should Know for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Apr-09-2024 PST Elden Ring

It is time to prepare for the largest expansion from the house of From Software. We are talking about the latest Elden Ring DLC called Shadow of Erdtree. In this Elden Ring DLC guide, we’ll share details about the price, release date, storyline, and editions of this DLC.

Here's Everything You Should Know for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Shadow of Erdtree – Release Date, Price, and Editions

According to official reports, the Shadow of Erdtree DLC will be released on Friday 21st June 2024. According to reports, the price of Shadow of Erdtree will be around forty dollars in the United States or thirty-five pounds in the UK. The price of Europe and the United States will be the same. A premium version of this DLC is also available for fifty US dollars or forty pounds.

This version includes the DLC itself, the original soundtrack of the DLC, and the digital artbook of the DLC. Some special editions of the Shadow of Erdtree are also available that you can get without getting the Elden Ring base game. This is a digital DLC which means you'll get a special upon purchasing it. You'll have to enter this code in Elden Ring to get the downloadable content.

Shadow of Erdtree – Storyline

This DLC will tell the story of Miquella who is the twin brother of Malenia. He is the demigod offspring of Radagon and Queen Marika. At birth, Miquella was cursed to never grow old and stay eternally young. In this DLC, you'll learn about what Queen Marika did in this shadow land. Miquella also came to this land following the queen. If you have seen the first trailer of The Shadow of Erdtree, you must have seen a man in red. His name is Mesmer and he is the rival of demigods in this DLC.

To learn more about the story of this DLC, we have to look at the past of Miquella. Miquella was cursed with never getting old but he wanted to become an adult. In this quest, he uses the Haligtree dungeon. This is the same dungeon where you'll fight against Malenia. In this dungeon, Miquella is lying in a cocoon. He binds himself to the tree next to the cocoon in the hope of growing older with it. He also waters the same tree with his blood. Everything was going fine because the Haligtree was about to become the Erdtree but Miquella suddenly fell into the slumber.

You can find the cocoon of Miquella even in Elden Ring when you defeat Mohg lord of blood. Mohg was already aware of what Miquella was doing so he stole his cocoon. He entered the cocoon by morphing it in his blood so he could talk to Miquella through his dreams. The cocoon is visible now and you can see the arm of Miquella now. By looking at his arm, you can tell that he has now grown older. Mesmer is the latest character in Elden Ring. Not much is known about this fiery character except for a few details. First of all, he likes fire and he is also good at impaling. His introduction in the trailer of Shadow of Erdtree DLC indicates that he will be the main boss that players will deal with.

Shadow of Erdtree – Gameplay

Elden Ring was already quite tough though but the Shadow of Erdtree DLC is going to be even tougher. But, developers have added new features to help players. New builds are available in this DLC that you can use to deal with all the bosses. New weapons are coming up in this DLC. When it comes to size, this DLC will be the largest. It is taking place on a whole new map and the size of the map is also bigger than the previous Elden Ring map.

Ten new boss fights are coming up in this DLC. To deal with these bosses and much more, eight new categories of weapons are introduced. These new weapons include swords and throwing knives. If you have watched the trailer, you'll know that a new melee move is coming where you can fly and spin to land a kick on enemies. A rapid-fire crossbow will deal damage to enemies from a distance. You can also throw a pot full of fire at enemies. If these weapons and skills weren’t enough for you, a new summon is also included in this DLC.

Thanks to the crucible knight attack, you can now call a pair of wings for your help. To keep players engaged throughout the DLC, ten bosses which are very difficult to defeat. In the trailer, you can see one of the bosses who appears to be a large pot of fire. According to Miyazaki, this pot is a weapon from the past and it was used in a war in the land of shadow. Some other bosses from this DLC are Lion-man, Mesmer, and the porcupine thing, etc. To be well prepared for the new DLC, MMOexp offers you cheap Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items service, we are at your service 24 hours a day.

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