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​Everything after Morgott has been making me hopeless

Apr-04-2022 PST Elden Ring

I'm not sure what changed precisely yet the supervisors have gotten less fulfilling to beat. Other than Fire Giant they generally feel excessively freaking forceful - like they all have the animosity and persistence and speed of Bloodborne managers with the exception of you're not even close however quick as you seem to be in that game and there's no convention specialist to compensate exchanging harm.

On Radagon now and I'm becoming weary of the fourth manager in succession where I need to simply avoid one more 6-hit combo to get a sufficient window for a solitary R1 before the following 3-hit-into-AoE combo begins.

With regards to me, the supervisors are cool, however the way that I feel on them fluctuates:

Godskin Duo: Hot piece of trash.

Maliketh: Both stages are cool, yet Phase 2 is better. In spite of the fact that, my principle issue with him is only that safeguards are totally futile. I would like in the event that my safeguard can really obstruct something and not get repercussions for it.

In any case, lovely decent, and the game even gives you a thing to make it more straightforward in the event that you kill Bernahl during his attack.

Gideon: He's okay, yet I could do without the Estus and his tremendous measure of spells, however I really do believe he's at minimum fairly cool.

Godfrey: I love this battle. Feels in general lovely fair, and his stage 2, while altogether different, is fun and good.

Radagon: At first I could have done without him, and there are a few perspectives I actually could do without like his moment light shots, or his step that he can simply do whenever, yet ultimately I figured out how to comprehend his moveset all around ok that I could figure out how to solo him without a call.

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