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FC 24: A Closer Look at the Changes in the FIFA Franchise

Sep-14-2023 PST FC 24

The FIFA franchise has been a long-running and popular series in the world of video games, capturing the excitement and passion of football. With the latest installment, EA Sports FC 24, there are several changes and additions that fans can expect. While the franchise is known for its iterative updates, this year's release brings some significant enhancements to gameplay, career modes, visuals, and more. In this article, we explore the key features and improvements that make EA Sports FC 24 an exciting addition to the FIFA series.

Hypermotion V: Enhancing Realism and Authenticity

Building upon the success of FIFA 22's hypermotion animation technology, EA Sports FC 24 introduces Hypermotion V. This advanced animation system utilizes motion capture from real players, captured through multiple cameras placed in stadiums during actual matches. The result is a heightened level of realism and authenticity in player movements. Each player will now have their unique running style, adding another layer of immersion to the gameplay experience.

Play Styles: Evolving on-Pitch Capabilities

EA Sports FC 24 introduces Play Styles, an evolution of attributes from previous games. Based on real-world data, Play Styles offer a variety of on-pitch capabilities for players. With a total of 34 Play Styles covering all phases of play, including interceptions, first touch, power shots, finesse shots, and more, players will have a wider range of skills at their disposal. Additionally, certain players will have Play Style Plus variants, making them even more formidable. For example, Erling Haaland will possess the PowerShot Play Style Plus, enhancing his shooting prowess.

Manager Career Mode: Emphasizing Coaching and Match Preparation

In FC 24's Manager Career Mode, the focus is on improving the coaching and match preparation aspects of the game. Players will now have the ability to recruit and manage their own coaching staff. Each coach comes with different specializations and areas of expertise, directly impacting the growth and development of players. A robust coaching team will lead to faster player attribute improvements. Additionally, the makeup of the coaching team will shape which attributes of players improve.

Training Plans: Fine-Tuning Player Development

For players who enjoy delving into the micromanagement aspects of the game, FC 24 introduces individual training plans for players in Manager Career Mode. These plans must be managed throughout the season, with the aim of maintaining the right balance between performance levels and player fitness. Factors such as fixture list congestion, player playing time, and natural physical attributes will determine the requirements for each player's training plan. Managers can choose from five different training plans, each with a unique focus on energy and performance.

Match Ready Training: Gaining Temporary Play Styles

In FC 24, the pre-match training drills take on a new purpose called Match Ready Training. Completing these drills before each match allows players to unlock temporary play styles for the upcoming game. The play styles you unlock will depend on the drill chosen, the participating players, and their positions. This feature adds a strategic element to pre-match preparations, enabling players to tailor their team's play style based on the upcoming opponent's weaknesses.

Spectate Matches: Stepping into the Manager's Role

A smaller but interesting addition to FC 24 is the ability to spectate matches. While you won't have direct control over the players during spectating, you can still make substitutions and change tactics in real-time. This feature provides a more immersive experience for players who want to fully embrace the manager's role.

Player Career Mode: The Influence of Player Agents

In Player Career Mode, FC 24 introduces player agents, granting players greater control over their career trajectory. Players will have their own agent, who will offer short and long-term goals based on the selected team and desired career path. This addition adds depth and personalization to the player's journey, allowing them to shape their career according to their aspirations.

Ultimate Team Evolutions: Progression and Customization

Ultimate Team, the flagship mode of FIFA games, receives an overhaul in FC 24 with the introduction of Evolutions. This new progression system offers greater control over the development of every player in your team. Completing specific objectives allows players to level up and evolve, improving their stats, attributes, and even visual appearance. The customization options extend beyond basic stats to attributes such as weak footability, work rate, skill moves, play styles, and more. This level of control enables players to shape their team according to their playstyle and preferences.

Visual Enhancements: Player Models, Lighting, and Cut Scenes

While not a radical leap in visuals, FC 24 brings several improvements to enhance the overall visual experience. Player models receive more detailed representations, and the cloth system introduces realistic fabric deformations and wrinkles on players' kits. The lighting model receives an upgrade, providing better contrast and depth to each frame, creating a more cinematic and broadcast-like atmosphere. Additionally, new commentary duos, cut scenes, and improved match introductions further immerse players in the game's atmosphere.

EA Sports FC 24 brings a host of new features and improvements to the FIFA franchise, enhancing the gameplay experience and adding depth to both Manager Career Mode and Player Career Mode. With the introduction of Hypermotion V, Play Styles, and the emphasis on coaching and match preparation, players can expect a more realistic and authentic football experience. The addition of training plans, Match Ready Training, and player agents adds strategic elements to career modes, allowing players to shape their team and career trajectory. Ultimate Team evolves with a new progression system, providing greater customization options. Overall, EA Sports FC 24 aims to deliver an immersive and engaging football simulation that will captivate both longtime fans and newcomers to the FIFA franchise.

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