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FC 24's TOTS Plus Protector: Unlocking Top Players

Apr-30-2024 PST FC 24

What is the EAFC 24 TOTS Plus Protector Evolution?

FC 24's TOTS Plus Protector: Unlocking Top Players

The TOTS Plus Protector Evolution in EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team offers a way to acquire TOTS-level players without breaking the bank. Despite its cost of 100,000 FC Coins or 500 FC Points, the rewards are substantial, making it a worthwhile investment for players seeking high-rated cards. Here are the key requirements:

Max Overall: 87

Max Pace: 88

Min Defending: 64

Max Defending: 89

Max PlayStyles: 7

Max PlayStyles+: 1

Completing all objectives unlocks significant boosts

+5 Overall

+3 Pace

+2 Shooting

+5 Passing

+4 Dribbling

+4 Physical

+4 Defending

PlayStyles: Tiki Taka and Slide Tackle

PlayStyles+: Pinged Pass and Jockey

Best Players for the TOTS Protector Plus Evolution

While top options like Winter Wildcards William Saliba and Heroes Yaya Toure are excellent choices if you have them, here are more affordable yet top-tier players for this Evolution:

Frenkie de Jong – Barcelona

A versatile midfielder capable of controlling the game and linking up play effectively.

RTTK Pepe – Porto

A strong center-back with solid defensive skills, ideal for anchoring your defense.

Versus Fire Isco – Real Madrid

A creative midfielder with excellent dribbling and shooting abilities, adding flair to your attacking play.

Winter Wildcards Denis Zakaria – AS Monaco

A defensive midfielder with exceptional passing ability, perfect for starting attacks from deep positions.

Thunderstruck Lukas Klostermann – Leipzig

A pacey and reliable defender, offering both defensive solidity and attacking threat.

While Pepe might be pricier, his defensive prowess makes him a valuable addition. Klostermann, on the other hand, brings speed and defensive reliability. De Jong and Isco offer creativity and versatility in midfield, while Zakaria provides a strong defensive presence with excellent passing skills.

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