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FC 24: TOTS Plus Bakayoko Objectives Guide

Jun-01-2024 PST FC 24

As the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo approaches its climax with the highly anticipated Ultimate TOTS squad on the horizon, EA Sports has introduced new content to FC 24 Ultimate Team. Among the latest additions is the TOTS Plus card for PSV winger Johan Bakayoko, available through Objectives. This guide will help you complete the necessary challenges to redeem this promising young Belgian player for your Ultimate Team.

FC 24: TOTS Plus Bakayoko Objectives Guide

Overview of TOTS Plus Johan Bakayoko

Johan Bakayoko, a key player in PSV's Eredivisie title-winning side, has garnered interest from major clubs across Europe. His new TOTS Plus card is an impressive 91 OVR, featuring standout stats:

Pace: 94

Shooting: 91

Passing: 88

Dribbling: 92

Defending: 80

Physical: 87

Weak Foot: 4-star

Skill Moves: 4-star

Additionally, Bakayoko boasts three new PlayStyles+: Whipped Pass+, Trivela+, and First Touch+, making him a formidable winger. This card can be a valuable asset to your Ultimate Team, especially considering it can be earned for free by completing four straightforward challenges.

TOTS Plus Bakayoko Objectives

1.Finesse Time


Score 2 goals with a Finesse Shot in Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty (or in Rivals/Champions).


80+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack


Utilize players with high finesse shot traits and aim for the corners of the goal.

Playing on Semi-Pro difficulty should make this task easier, especially against lower-rated teams in Squad Battles.

2.Crossing Clinic


Assist 3 goals with a cross in Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty (or in Rivals/Champions).


81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack


Use wingers with high crossing stats to increase the accuracy of your crosses.

Focus on delivering accurate crosses into the box and ensure you have strikers positioned to finish them.

3.Belgian Excellence


Score and assist using a Belgian player in 2 separate Squad Battles matches on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty (or in Rivals/Champions).


81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack


Include Belgian players in your starting lineup, particularly those with strong attacking and assisting capabilities.

Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku are excellent choices if available, as they excel in both scoring and assisting.

4.League Winner


Win 5 matches in Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty (or in Rivals/Champions) while having a minimum of 2 players from Belgium in your Starting 11.


75+ x5 Rare Gold Players Pack


Ensure you have at least two Belgian players in your starting lineup before beginning the match.

Play on Semi-Pro difficulty to make winning easier, especially if you focus on completing the other objectives simultaneously.

Maximizing Your Rewards

Upon completing these objectives, not only will you redeem TOTS Plus Johan Bakayoko, but you'll also earn four valuable packs. Each FC 24 pack offers an additional chance to pack another TOTS card, enhancing your squad further.

Utilizing Bakayoko

Bakayoko can play as a Right Winger (RW) or Right Midfielder (RM), making him a versatile addition to your team. Here are a few strategies for using him effectively:

Super Sub: Bakayoko's pace and dribbling make him an excellent option off the bench, particularly in tight matches where you need a dynamic offensive boost.

Starting XI: Incorporate him into your starting lineup to take full advantage of his PlayStyles+ and well-rounded stats, which can dominate down the right flank.

Final Thoughts

The TOTS Plus Johan Bakayoko objectives offer a fantastic opportunity to bolster your FC 24 Ultimate Team with a top-tier winger. By following this guide to complete the challenges efficiently and get FC 24 coins, you'll add a highly-rated player to your squad and gain valuable packs to enhance your team further. Good luck, and enjoy the final stages of the TOTS promo!

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