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FC 24 Ultimate Team Birthday Celebration

Mar-15-2024 PST FC 24

Ultimate Birthday is coming to Ultimate Team! I can be sure that this has been another big promotion and content since TOTY. it's one of the best promos of the year and despite the name change, it'll still be unbelievable! Ultimate Birthday is a yearly celebration of everyone's favourite game mode - Ultimate Team. We're into the 15th year of Ultimate Team and 9th FUT/Ultimate Birthday celebrations!


MMOEXP is launching a big promo to celebrate the great Event with all EA FC players together. MMOEXP’s promo will be always available From March 15 to March 29. Promo details as below:


Buy EA FC 24 Coin for PS/Xbox/PC, Either console, you can get up to 30% Bonus, purchase more coins, receive bigger Bonus in your shopping cart automatically.


4 Million EA FC 24 Coin Giveaway in Socials. You can have two ways to participate in.


2,000,000 FC 24 Coin Giveaway in Twitter, 4x 500k winners up before Mar 25th.

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2,000,000 FC 24 Coin Giveaway in Discord server, 4x 500k winners up before Mar 25th.

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We predict that we are going to get great FUT birthday icons and Evolutions, are you excited for Ultimate Birthday? Enjoy great FUT Birthday Celebration friends!