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​FIFA 23 Guide: How To Get Started With SBCs in FUT

Oct-21-2022 PST FIFA 23

At first, the impact of Squad Building Challenges was underestimated, but soon this was proved wrong, and the world of FUT changed forever. It impacts everything from the transfer market to deals and other gambles. Squad Building Challenges are very engaging, and no matter which way you go, you have to build a team at the start of your FIFA career. This article features all the basics of Squad Building Challenges along with a complete about how you can deal with them.

What Are Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 23?

You have to submit a minimum of one team to complete a Squad Building Challenge, and the rewards you receive will be according to your submission. Once you create your team and submit it in SBC, those players will be removed from your inventory, and you won’t receive them back.

To get them, you have to buy them from the store. The rewards are different for each Squad Building Challenge. These rewards range from players, picks, packs, and items, including popular jerseys and club badges. Before submitting your team, recheck your picks, as this will be your last chance.

If you don’t have any average players in the club, simply don’t submit for SBC. Look for the price you are paying and the value of the reward which you will get in return. Squad Building Challenges are pure gambles which means you can win some or lose some, while some are clearly not worth trying.

Check the Squad Building Challenge to learn whether it is a limited-time challenge or a permanent challenge. Some challenges are permanently added to the game, which means you can deal with them whenever you want, while others are automatically removed after the time ends.

Benefits of Squad Building Challenges

You may wonder why you are losing players, so why should you opt for Squad Building Challenges? The biggest benefit of Squad Building Challenges is that its rewards players with players and packs. Sometimes, lucky players also get a good player from SBCs at a lot less price.

Some players who are rewarded in SBCs come with special boosts and skills or a special card. Build your dream team with these cards instead of spending too much money in the market. Stay ahead of everyone else by doing your research on whether you need this player or can you pass it.

Some players come in handy in a few situations, and then they sit in the reserve section. You can still keep some players in reserve and use them in some later Squad Building Challenges. These cards can’t be traded without anything else, and you can’t sell them for FIFA 23 coins.

How to complete a Squad Building Challenge?

To finish Squad Building Challenges, you have to go to the Squad Building Challenges menu from the home screen in FIFA. Various categories of SBCs are available such as Live SBCs, League SBCs, Player SBCs, etc. You can choose the desired category and draft your team.

Once you select the desired Squad Building Challenge from the available options, all its rewards will be shown on the screen. If you don’t see the reward panel, press the “R” key or use the “Right Stick” to expand it. Once you select the SBC, it is time to select your cards and position them according to your strategy. If you are a beginner, use the built-in Squad builder to automatically upload your team for SBC.

Learn About Requirements

Learn about all the requirements of the challenge before drafting your team. If you don’t meet the requirements, you can’t complete the SBC and have to retry. Requirements are indicated in red color, and they will change to green color once you complete the requirement.

Squad Editor

The squad editor is similar to the squad manager in FUT, so you will learn everything in a short time. Position players according to the requirements. To add a new player, go to the slot of the player and tap on the swap option. Afterward, select a new player from the available options.

Requirements are mandatory, and you won’t be able to submit the team otherwise. Sometimes, you may deal with a situation where you don’t have enough players to meet requirements. In such situations, you can buy new from the transfer market or buy complete packs instead. If you can’t buy players from the market, you will have to do some grinding and get them.

Alternatively, keep checking Squad Building Challenges, as they may contain those players as rewards. Buy Fut 23 coins and easily buy desired players from the market no matter how much they cost. After you turn all those requirements into green color, it is time to press the “Submit” button and upload your team for SBC.