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Guide to Building a Tank Cleric with Divine Protection in DnD

Jul-06-2024 PST Dark And Darker

Welcome to Dark and Darker, where strategic prowess and resilience are key to survival. In this guide, we'll explore the Full Tank Build Cleric, focusing on the often-overlooked ability of divine Protection. Discover how this ability can elevate your defenses and turn the tide in battles against formidable adversaries.

Guide to Building a Tank Cleric with Divine Protection in DnD

Building Your Tanky Cleric

To forge a robust tanky Cleric, it's crucial to equip yourself with the right gear and abilities that prioritize defense and survivability:


Heater Shield: Opt for the Heater Shield as your primary defensive item for substantial protection.

Helm: Equip the best available helmet to maximize your overall defense.

Plate Armor: Prioritize Plate Armor to bolster your tankiness and withstand enemy assaults.


Perseverance: Enhances your ability to endure enemy attacks, making it essential for a tanky build.

Holy Aura: Provides passive healing over time, boosting your durability during prolonged engagements.

Divine Protection: Focus of this guide, offering a 30% increase in Physical Damage Reduction (PDR) for four seconds - a critical defensive tool.

Divine Protection Explained

Divine Protection stands out as a potent defensive ability that enhances your survivability in combat:

Effect: Increases PDR by 30%, reducing incoming physical damage significantly.

Duration: It lasts for four seconds, providing a crucial window of enhanced defense.

Cooldown: Has a 90-second cooldown, balancing its powerful effect with its periodic availability.

The Case for Divine Protection

While not the most commonly chosen ability among clerics, Divine Protection offers distinct advantages, especially in a tanky build:

Surprise Factor: Opponents often underestimate a cleric's defensive capabilities, making Divine Protection's activation a strategic surprise that can shift engagements in your favor.

Damage Mitigation: Reducing physical damage intake by 30% can turn the tide of battles, allowing you to withstand bursts of enemy assaults effectively.

PvP Advantage: In player-versus-player encounters, Divine Protection grants a critical edge by prolonging your survival against aggressive opponents.

Synergy: Combines effectively with abilities like Protection from Evil to nullify harmful status effects, enhancing your resilience against debuffs.

Alternative Abilities

While Divine Protection excels in bolstering defenses, alternative abilities cater to different tactical preferences:

Judgment's Might: Increases damage output, beneficial for clerics seeking to balance offense with defense.

Holy Shield: Provides a protective barrier, an alternative defensive choice that may suit certain playstyles.


In Dark and Darker, mastering the Full Tank Build Cleric with Divine Protection opens doors to resilient gameplay and strategic dominance. While its cooldown and duration require tactical foresight, its ability to surprise foes and mitigate physical damage are unparalleled advantages. In addition, Dark and Darker Gold are also an important part that cannot be ignored, which will help you obtain this powerful equipment. Experiment with Divine Protection to tailor your cleric build to your preferred playstyle and conquer dungeons with confidence.

May your adventures in Dark and Darker be marked by triumphs earned through resilience and strategic finesse. Embrace the challenge, hone your skills, and emerge victorious in the relentless battles that await. Happy adventuring!

MMOexp Dark and Darker Team