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How Gear Enchanting Works in Throne and Liberty – Upgrade Gear

May-04-2024 PST Throne and Liberty

In Throne and Liberty, your ultimate goal is to become a strong player and defeat monsters as well as bosses. To become a strong player, you can level up your character but upgrading your gear is also important. Gear upgrading is called enchanting and it goes hand in hand with character progression. You can upgrade everything from armor pieces to weapons and accessories in Throne and Liberty. The starting gear level is zero and you can upgrade it to the max with the below given methods. Gear enchanting is crucial for Daggers Builds so will share the ultimate gear enchanting guide with you.

How Gear Enchanting Works in Throne and Liberty – Upgrade Gear

How to enchant gear in Throne and Liberty?

When it comes to upgrading your gear, you have two options. One is to directly level up the gear while the second option is to transfer. You can get the gear by crafting it or by gathering it through various activities. There is a third option to enchant gear that involves traits. Leveling gear is for those who have a good amount of growth stones in their bags. Transfer is the best option if you have a lot of free gear in your bag. Here are more details about how you can enchant gear using these methods.

1.Level up Gear

This is the basic process of enchanting gear in Throne and Liberty. It involves using growth stones to upgrade the desired gear. For each type of gear like weapons, armor, and accessories, different types of growth stones are available. Each growth stone has a different quality. The number of growth stones you need to upgrade gear depends on its level and quality. The biggest reason why players prefer this method is that the chances of failure are none but it uses a lot more materials. When you use the right growth stones, you'll get a growth rate chance. This growth rate indicates how many growth stones you'll need to level up your armor or weapon. Here are more details about the percentage of the growth you get through this method.

- Common – 40% for 35% growth

- Intermediate – 30% for 40% growth

- Greater – 20% for 60% growth

- Special – 10% for 100% growth

Those who want to use this method to upgrade their gear will have to search for growth stones a lot. To reach the next level of gear, you'll have to use a batch of growth stones. To get the growth stones in Throne and Liberty, you'll have to grind a lot. Here are methods to earn growth stones.

- Complete contracts to get growth stones as rewards.

- Kill enemies and pick up drops.

- Get these stones as a reward from the Lithograph book.

- Craft with low-quality growth stones and materials.

- Dissolve high-quality growth stones to get more growth stones.

If you have green growth stones in the bag, you can use them to get blue growth stones and upgrade your gear easily. You can also dissolve blue growth stones to get green growth stones. To upgrade or dissolve growth stones in Throne and Liberty, you need to find a vendor first.

2.Transfer Gear Level

This method is a time saver as you don’t have to upgrade the gear. Instead, you can simply transfer levels of an existing piece of gear to a new piece. For example, you can transfer levels of a green bow to a blue bow to upgrade it. If you have two weapons of the same quality, the levels will be the same. Otherwise, there will be a difference between the levels as the quality of both gears isn’t the same. If you transfer a blue gear to a blue gear, the difference will be of one level only. If you transfer a green gear to a blue gear, the difference will be of half levels. The original gear will also be destroyed in the process. Here is how gear transfer works in Throne and Liberty and what you'll get at the end.

- Upgrade a level 6 common gear to level 3 uncommon gear

- Upgrade a level 6 uncommon gear to get a level 3 rare gear

- Upgrade a level 9 rare gear to get a level 6 epic gear


When it comes to enchanting gear, traits are also important in Throne and Liberty. Traits can further upgrade the gear to increase their capabilities. You can manage the traits of your gear easily. You can further enhance the build using traits. Traits come in handy when you are dealing with the end-game content where you need some extra boost.

Gear Enchanting Tips and Tricks

Check the maximum enchantment level of any item by pressing the ALT key. This way, you can plan the enchanting process and manage the resources accordingly. At the start of Throne and Liberty, gear enchanting won’t seem much because of the low level of gears but as you level, it will get difficult. Remember, Throne and Liberty Lucent is important and helps a lot with gear up, and MMOexp can help you better.

MMOexp Throne and Liberty Team