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Is there a more efficient way to get Ravendawn silver

Feb-03-2024 PST Ravendawn
How to get/farm Ravendawn silver so fast? Reaching legacy level 41 today, I've diligently ground through effective level 35, ensuring all other archetypes hit level 30. My commitment to grinding mobs has been unwavering in pursuit of this achievement, but I find myself questioning whether it truly yields sufficient Ravendawn silver.


While I appreciate the tradepack system, it seems that my primary avenue for income lies within it. I've encountered discussions where fellow players express similar sentiments, making me wonder if there's a consensus on the issue.


In my quest for more Ravendawn Online silver, I stumbled upon advice suggesting that, at my current level, the key is to target mobs that drop valuable items. Can anyone provide insights into which mobs drop such items and detail their valuable loot?

Zarkrash shared valuable insight, cautioning that grinding mobs might not be the most lucrative strategy for accumulating silver, although it undoubtedly contributes to experience gain. According to him, the most profitable mobs on the "first" server for silver are Pirates, whose Corsair Ambrosia, a seemingly "junk" item, fetches over 100k in the market and sells for around 750 silver to NPCs as a rare drop. Orcs are also recommended, as their Orcish Effigies command around 2k silver each in the market, despite being considered "junk" items for NPC sales at 150 silver. Minotaurs, with their Minotaur Horns valued at approximately 500 silver in the market, and Pearlshell Turtles, whose Shell Fragments are essential for T3 armor crafting and can fetch around 2k silver, are also listed. Trolls, thanks to their Troll Fangs needed in various T3 weapon crafting, round up the list with a market value of about 1800 silver.


In broad strokes, the consensus suggests that the most lucrative method for accumulating wealth involves grinding enemies in mines and simultaneously mining. With mining yielding 10+ iron, a highly sought-after resource, the returns are substantial.


For those not leveraging community plots, another strategy involves conducting a thorough analysis of the value of items grown there. Low-level community plot items like apples and chickens consistently hold value, making them worthwhile investments. Taking the time to calculate the returns on these items may reveal hidden opportunities for generating income.

As I continue my quest for silver in Ravendawn, I'm curious if any seasoned players have uncovered alternative methods that prove more effective. The diverse and dynamic nature of the game world leaves room for experimentation, and I'm eager to explore different strategies to optimize my silver accumulation. If anyone has discovered a more efficient approach or has additional insights to share, I welcome the community's collective wisdom in navigating the intricate economic landscape of Ravendawn.

MMOexp Ravendawn Team