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The quality of life changes I would like to see in Ravendawn

Feb-06-2024 PST Ravendawn

Here are the quality of life changes I would like to see in Ravendawn online, off the top of my head:


1, Auto-targeting for Abilities

When pressing an ability, it should automatically target the closest enemy, streamlining combat and enhancing overall gameplay.

2, Healing and Combat Mechanic Overhaul

Address the issue of healing keeping players in combat or restrict the immediate use of consumables after combat. If damage is taken during the healing channel, implement a long cooldown as a penalty.

3, Mini-Map Clarity

Provide indicators on the mini-map for significant landmarks like stairs, tunnels, and holes. This improvement is crucial to navigating areas with similar layouts and reducing player confusion.

4, Enhanced Drops from Supply Bags

Increase the variety and quantity of items obtained from Ravendawn Supply Bags to make them more rewarding for players.

5, Market Defaulting to Lowest Price

Implement a feature where the market defaults to displaying the lowest price for a particular item. This adjustment aims to simplify the trading experience for players.

6, Auction Management Improvement

Allow canceled auctions on the market to go directly back into the player's inventory, streamlining the auction management process.

7, Balanced Item Drops

Conduct a thorough review and adjustment of item drops to ensure a fair and balanced distribution in the game.

8, Decouple Outfits from Weapons

Remove the connection between outfits and weapons, as outfits currently have minimal impact. This change allows players more flexibility in choosing their appearance without affecting gameplay significantly.

9, Mailbox Functionality

Introduce a "Withdraw All" option from the mailbox to expedite the retrieval of items, enhancing convenience for players.

10, Targeted Healing Mechanic

Revise the healing mechanic to target the player's cursor, healing the current target, and allowing self-healing when no target is selected. This adjustment aims to improve the efficiency of healing and eliminate frustrating targeting issues.

11, Aggro Management System Overhaul

Address issues with the aggro management system, particularly in terms of tanking. Consider reducing cooldowns on taunt abilities or introducing additional tools to manage aggro effectively.

12, Bank Interaction Ease

Implement a right-click option to retrieve or deposit items from the bank, streamlining the banking process for players.

13, Monster Log or Bestiary

Introduce a comprehensive log or bestiary detailing information about monsters, their drop tables, and rates. This feature could be tied to Ranger's guild quests, progressively revealing more information as players engage with specific monster types.

14, Skill Tree Locking

Allow players to lock individual skill trees, eliminating the need to reset all three trees when making changes. This adjustment provides a more user-friendly experience for those experimenting with different builds.


These proposed changes aim to enhance the overall quality of life in Ravendawn, addressing various aspects of gameplay, navigation, and customization. Improvements such as mini-map indicators and targeted healing can significantly contribute to a more enjoyable and accessible gaming experience. And MMOexp offers Ravendawn Silver services to help you get a better gaming experience in the game. Follow us.

MMOexp Ravendawn Team