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Learning the Radiant Sentinel Guardian Build in Path of Exile

Nov-28-2023 PST path of exile

In Path of Exile's ever-evolving world, the Radiant Sentinel Guardian build stands out as a powerful and versatile option. Whether you're diving into a new league, preparing for events like the Crangle Event, or simply looking for a robust build to tackle endgame content, the Radiant Sentinel Guardian is worth considering. This guide will take you through the ins and outs of this build, helping you reach level 90 with minimal investment and excel in red Maps, all while keeping you engaged during week-long events.

Learning the Radiant Sentinel Guardian Build in Path of Exile

Gameplay and Strategy

As a Radiant Sentinel Guardian, your primary goal is to summon your Radiant Sentinel, typically assigned to a convenient hotkey, upon entering a map. Your go-to skill in this build is Absolution, a powerful ability that not only spawns Absolution minions but also Elemental relics (although the latter isn't mandatory for the build to function effectively). With your block scaling, decent armor, and an army of minions at your disposal, you'll find that incoming attacks will rarely touch you.

Ascendancy Choice

The heart of this build is the Radiant Sentinel found within the Guardian Ascendancy. The key node you should prioritize is the one that grants you the Radiant Sentinel skill, unlocked after your first lab. This skill is a game-changer, offering both substantial damage and the ability to transfer 20% of damage taken from hits to your Sentinel, which boasts an impressive pool of around 150,000 hit points. This not only bolsters your damage output but also ensures your safety in the heat of battle.

In addition to the Radiant Sentinel, consider these essential Ascendancy nodes:

Unwavering Crusade: Provides you with additional block chance, enhancing your defense.

Radiant Faith: This node boosts your Armor and Energy Shield, adding another layer of protection.

Bastion of Hope: Enhances your defenses with additional Energy Shield and a shield that mitigates damage taken.

Gear Recommendations

To unlock the Radiant Sentinel Guardian's full potential, you need to pay attention to your gear choices. The central aspect of your gear should involve using Essences of Fear to obtain items with Minion Damage and Minion Life modifiers. Prioritize life and resistance gear to ensure your survivability, as well as additional minion-related affixes.

Key Gear Item: Convoking Wand

Craft a Convoking Wand with an Essence of Fear to gain a staggering 100% increased minion damage. Furthermore, add a Trigger Socketed Spells craft to automate your Offering skills and curses, ensuring smooth gameplay and improved damage output.

Map Clearing

During map clearing, unleash the power of Absolution by tagging your enemies. Your Sentinel and other minions will efficiently eliminate the opposition while you continue to press forward.

Single Target Damage

While the Radiant Sentinel Guardian build excels at clearing maps and accumulating valuable PoE Currency, its single-target damage may leave you desiring more. When faced with formidable bosses, maintain a safe distance and let your minions draw aggro. Use Absolution on the boss while deftly avoiding their devastating attacks. While the battle may take a bit longer, your Sentinel's damage and your army of minions will ultimately get the job done.

Now, let's delve into the essential gem setups to optimize your Radiant Sentinel Guardian build:

Absolution (6-link): Minion Damage, Added Lightning Damage, Spell Echo, Lightning Penetration, Hypothermia (for 6-link), Faster Casting (for 5-link).

Shield Charge (4-link): Faster Attacks, Infernal Cry.

Convocation: Assign this skill to your left-click button to easily bring your Sentinel back to your side when needed.

Animate Guardian (4-link): Raise Spectre, Raise Zombie, Feeding Frenzy.

Spectres (Raise Spectre): Consider using Carnage Chieftain and Host Chieftain for frenzy and power charges.

Desecrate, Flesh Offering, and Elemental Weakness: Set up a trigger wand to automate these skills for a smoother gameplay experience.

Auras: Stone Golem, Determination, Flame Dash, Vitality, Tempest Shield, Defiance Banner, Summon Skitterbots.

With these gem setups, your Radiant Sentinel Guardian build will flourish, offering you a dynamic and engaging Path of Exile experience. Whether you're tackling maps, facing off against formidable foes, or embarking on grand adventures, the Radiant Sentinel Guardian is a powerful choice for PoE.

MMOexp POE Team