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​Madden 23: Release Date, Latest Leaks & Cover Athlete Predictions

Jun-05-2022 PST Madden 23

Meta Description: In the present day, the first real leaks are beginning to appear, and here's everything we know so far about Madden 23 before its launch on August 19, 2022.

The announcement of a possible Madden 23 cover leak got Madden 23 fans excited after months of silence. In this article, we will discuss an image circulating on the Internet that the claims show John Madden on the cover of Madden 23 by Electronic Arts, the release date of madden 23, and leaks that are circulating on the Internet.

Now we'll start with Madden 23's prediction of its release date.

When Will Madden 23 be Released?

According to what we currently know, the most likely release date for Madden 23 is Friday, August 19, 2022. Even though it has not been confirmed, the time frame is bound to coincide perfectly with the one set for the release of Madden 22. Even though the exact release date for Madden has varied over the years, its launch is always tied to the start of the NFL season.

As of the 2022 NFL season, there will likely be an opening game in September. In this case, it makes sense to launch the game on a Friday in August to take advantage of preseason excitement and anticipation for the regular season. The actual release date for Madden 23 will be announced at the end of June or the beginning of July. As for how the announcement will be made, it is likely to be the same way as announcing the next cover athlete or athletes.

Some Leaks From The Latest Version Of Madden

New Tackling System: The first topic we'll go over is the new tackling system. They've created a fresh new system called Hit Everything, which will see the game shift away from animated gameplay, according to EA Sports. It will enable players to achieve more natural and consistent tackling results in their attempts to knock players off the field.

Bringing Back Tackle Battles: Another thing to note about tackle is that it includes back-to-back tackle bouts, which were also included in previous Madden games. EA will reintroduce the function with minor changes. Tackle Battles occur when a player attempts a defensive tackle by pressing A/X.

Passing Game In Madden 23: According to the newest information, the most major update coming to the game is the passing game introduced in Madden 23. It will have a new skill-based passing system that provides players more control over their passes' placing, power, and accuracy. Apart from being able to turn the system on and off, it also has several options that you may change.

Ellipses With A Reticle: There is also a fresh new precision pass ellipse with a Reticle. This implies that the ellipses with a Reticle turned on display a grey target region representing the space where the receivers may reach the ball. By adjusting the Reticle in the target region with the L-Stick, you may change the placement on the field.

Slow Down The Game: Slowing down the game allows you to slow it down whenever you make a pass, allowing players more time to target the accuracy and strength of the pass set meters. A lower number means it'll be slower when you make a pass. They may be making the goal-passing aspect of the game a little simpler.

Cover Athlete Predictions Of Madden 23

There is speculation that John Madden will be on the Madden 23 cover during this season. EA has not ignored this since the game looks to incorporate some form of the monument for John Madden. All games, a Twitter user, discovered an advertisement for Madden NFL 23 that purports to feature John Madden as the game's cover hero. The cover has a black and white photograph of John Madden on the sidelines, the game's emblem, and the years he was born and died.

Sports games occasionally have different covers depending on the edition purchased; thus, it's unknown whether John Madden will be on the normal version or reserved for the premium edition. Things become a little strange considering the identical cover was imagined online earlier this year. The cover image was submitted on the Madden subreddit by Reddit member gregor630 five months ago. It's conceivable that EA loved the design and granted permission to use it or that this is all a prank in which someone purchased actual ad space for a false cover image, but it would be a fairly complicated plot.


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