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Madden 24 Offensive & Defensive Schemes

Jan-16-2024 PST Madden 24

It's time to cut down on useful Madden tips and guides for this one and take a look at a list of 20 Offensive and Defensive Schemes from previous years, as it'll give you a good idea of what your gameplay needs.

There are a total of 8 Offensive Schemes


Air Raid

Air Raid is a form of the Spread Offensive Scheme that gives quarterbacks complete control of the play at the scrimmage line. It focuses on passes, with trust that the quarterback defends and gives our audible calls when running in open lanes.

Multiple Power Run

Multiple Power Run pulls lead blockers and linemen in the game to crush through defenses. It requires the help of a quality Field General Quarterback to create short and critical 3rd scenarios.

Multiple Zone Run

Multiple Zone Run focuses on balanced offense. It is quite difficult for a defense to predict the next move because the team runs out of multiple receivers sets while throwing off the power formations.

Vertical Power Run

Vertical Zone Run is all about tempting the defense side to load the field with additional defense. This results in them being pushed down the field with short passes and play-action.

Vertical Zone Run

Vertical Zone Run centers around the use of an agile offensive lineman to create and open multiple holes for the halfback to choose from. It takes downfield shots through play-action passing by forcing the defense into assignment conflicts.

West Coast Power Run

West Coast Power Run opens up weaknesses in the defense by horizontally stretching it out via short passing. The halfback focuses on attacking those weak spots with big gains.

West Coast Spread

West Coast Spread is specifically designed to keep the defense side guessing. It focuses on horizontal short passes across the field. The defense is spread thin, so the quarterback looks for an opening to scramble the formation.

West Coast Zone Run

West Coast Zone Run is about utilizing short passes to ensure the ball is always in possession. During the run game, offensive linemen utilize combination block and quickness to sprint the halfback via the gaps created.

And a total of 6 Defensive Schemes


Base 3-4

Base 3-4 uses stronger defensive linemen for the blockers. This allows the 4 linebackers to attack from different angles. This formation generates pressure with clever blitzes, as well as a solid defense against base plays.

Disguise 3-4

Disguise 3-4 is needed when the offensive's production is at an ATH because that's when the defenses need to be unpredictable for them to succeed. Disguising the defensive coverage helps draw strength from the flexibility of the symmetrical lineup.

3-4 Under

3-4 Under helps add more flexibility to the linebackers on the defensive line. Using stronger linebackers, the defense focuses on switching the roles from play to play to keep so that the offense is off-balanced.

Base 4-3

Base 4-3 is a formation where 3 linebackers and 3 defensive linemen generate a pass rush with minimal blitzing. The formation allows defenders to drop into coverage.

4-3 Quarters

4-3 Quarters, which is also known as Cover 4, is a formation that puts the defenders in the deep line of the field; however, it opens opportunities to split the area in man and zone coverage. This formation is good to match against versatile offenses, for instance, Spread.

4-3 Under

4-3 Under is a popular formation that allows better flexibility than the Base 3-4. Basically, it can change from a 3-4 or a 5-2 front. But it requires solid fill-in players at both the linebacker's positions and the defensive line for it to work at its best.

The Top 20 Scheme List (Offensive & Defensive)


49ers | West Coast Zone Run | 4-3 Cover 3, Bears | West Coast Spread | Base 3-4, Bengals | Multiple Zone Run | 3-4 Under, Bills | Multiple Power Run | 4-3 Quarters, Broncos | West Coast Run | 3-4 Under, Browns | Multiple Power Run | 4-3 Under, Buccaneers | Vertical Zone Run | 3-4 Under.

Cardinals | Air Raid | Base 3-4, Chargers | Vertical Power Run | 4-3 Cover 3, Chiefs | West Coast Spread | Base 4-3, Colts | West Coast Spread | Base 4-3, Cowboys | Vertical Zone Run | Base 4-3, Dolphins | Multiple Zone Run | 3-4 Under, Eagles | West Coast Spread | Base 4-3.

Falcons | West Coast Zone Rune | 4-3 Cover 3, Giants | West Coast Power Run | 3-4 Under, Jaguars | West Coast Power Run | 4-3 Quarters, Jets | Multiple Zone Run | Base 4-3, Lions | Multiple Zone Run | 3-4 Under, Packers | West Coast Zone Run | Base 4-3.

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