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Madden 24 Week 7 Ratings Update: Amon-Ra St. Brown and Khalil Mack Shine

Oct-23-2023 PST Madden 24

As the 2023 NFL season marches on, Madden 24 enthusiasts are treated to the Week 7 ratings update, a moment that often brings joy and disappointment to fans of the popular video game. Just as in past weeks, this update shook up the virtual gridiron, with some of the league's brightest stars experiencing changes in their Madden 24 overall ratings. In this article, we will dive deep into the post-Week 6 ratings update, spotlighting notable risers and fallers, including Amon-Ra St. Brown and Khalil Mack, who left their mark on Madden 24.

Notable Risers in Madden 24 Post-Week 6 Ratings Update

The Madden 24 Week 7 ratings update featured a fair share of players on the rise. While not every top name in the NFL experienced a boost or a drop in their overall ratings, some significant changes are worth noting. Let's take a closer look at those who ascended in the virtual rankings.

    Joe Thuney (+2, 91 OVR): The Kansas City Chiefs' offensive lineman, Joe Thuney, made an impressive leap of two overall points in the Week 7 update. With an upgraded overall rating of 91, Thuney is becoming an even more formidable presence on the virtual field, strengthening the Chiefs' offensive line.

    Quinnen Williams (+1, 95 OVR): The New York Jets' defensive lineman Quinnen Williams saw his overall rating rise by one point, elevating him to an impressive 95 OVR. Williams continues to prove his dominance in Madden 24.

    Lamar Jackson (+1, 92 OVR): Former Madden cover star and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson also received a one-point bump in his overall rating, now standing at 92 OVR. Jackson's dynamic skills are a force to be reckoned with in the virtual world.

    A.J. Brown (+1, 94 OVR): The Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver, A.J. Brown, joined the ranks of those who improved their overall rating by one point, reaching an impressive 94 OVR. His playmaking abilities make him a threat on the field.

    Khalil Mack (+1, 85 OVR): Khalil Mack, the renowned linebacker of the Los Angeles Chargers, witnessed a one-point increase in his overall rating. After a slight slide earlier in the year, he now stands at 85 OVR, a testament to his enduring excellence.

    Amon-Ra St. Brown (+2, 91 OVR): Amon-Ra St. Brown, the talented wide receiver of the Detroit Lions, stole the spotlight with an exceptional two-point rise in his overall rating. Standing at 91 OVR, St. Brown is proving to be a game-changer in the Madden 24 landscape.

    Raheem Mostert (+2, 84 OVR): The Miami Dolphins' running back, Raheem Mostert, enjoyed a two-point boost, reaching an 84 OVR. His speed and agility are assets to any Madden team.

    Kendrick Bourne (+2, 81 OVR): The New England Patriots' wide receiver, Kendrick Bourne, ascended by two points to an 81 OVR. His improved rating signifies his growing impact on the virtual gridiron.

    Brandon Aubrey (+4, 78 OVR): Brandon Aubrey, the kicker for the Dallas Cowboys, experienced a significant leap of four points, now standing at 78 OVR. His accuracy and consistency are key assets to his team's success.


Notable Fallers in Madden 24 Post-Week 6 Ratings Update

While many players rose in the Madden 24 Week 7 ratings update, several stars saw their overall ratings decline. Here are some of the notable downgrades:

    Jaire Alexander (-1, 93 OVR): The Green Bay Packers' cornerback, Jaire Alexander, experienced a one-point drop, resulting in a 93 OVR rating.

    Joe Burrow (-1, 91 OVR): Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback Joe Burrow also faced a one-point reduction in his overall rating, now standing at 91 OVR.

    Mike Evans (-1, 90 OVR): Tampa Bay Buccaneers' wide receiver Mike Evans had his overall rating reduced by one point, bringing him down to 90 OVR.

    Justin Herbert (-1, 89 OVR): Los Angeles Chargers' quarterback Justin Herbert's overall rating decreased by one point, leaving him with an 89 OVR rating.


The Madden 24 Week 7 ratings update brought about significant changes in the virtual NFL landscape. While some stars like Amon-Ra St. Brown and Khalil Mack rose to new heights, others saw their Madden 24 fortunes decline. These rating adjustments reflect the ever-evolving nature of the NFL season and the impact it has on the virtual gridiron. Madden enthusiasts can expect more surprises as the 2023 NFL season progresses, making each week's ratings update a highly anticipated event in the world of virtual football. Buy cheap Madden 24 MUT Coins from MMOexp.com right now to improve your players and give your team an overall boost.