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​Madden NFL 23: 10 Best Running Backs, Ranked

Sep-30-2022 PST Madden 23

Meta Description: Most Madden NFL 23 champions had a solid running game as their foundation. There are different kinds of running backs, just like quarterbacks. The greatest of the best are shown here.

Madden NFL 23 puts a premium on the running back position, despite the fact that the quarterback position is more vital to the actual game of football. The pros win tournaments despite investing in secondary players and backup quarterbacks who are better at special teams. Unless the equation changes, these individuals will be crucial to your success in the game.

Improvements have been made to player animations, and the way defenders engage with the ball carrier makes the game seem more realistic and increases the difficulty of gaining yardage. Given that renowned MUT 23 running backs like LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, and Marshall Faulk have given gamers many unforgettable moments throughout the years. This inclusion is well appreciated. As irrelevant as running backs may be in the NFL, they are crucial in Madden.

The following is a list of the ten running backs currently participating in the game that have the highest overall ratings:

1. Derrick Henry- Tennessee Titans "97 OVR"

It is evident that the rating adjusters love Derrick Henry when comparing Madden 22 from last year to this year. The Tennessee Titans have known for some time that he is the best player on the team.

The true challenge of the next season will be to keep the running back healthy. The Titans rely heavily on him, and his pace has even beaten some of the all-time greats in the sport. Last year's injuries prevented him from performing at his peak, but when he's well, he's unmatched.

2. Christian McCaffrey- Carolina Panthers "96 OVR"

Christian McCaffrey has missed almost two complete seasons, yet the rating adjusters still consider him among the best. Remembering back far enough, you'll be able to pick out similarities between this rising talent and Marshall Faulk. The Carolina Panthers should get as many years as possible out of him while he is still in good condition.

3. Nick Chubb- Cleveland Browns "96 OVR"

Whenever Nick Chubb is spoken, the word "power" is the first that springs to mind. He has a great burst that enables him to repeatedly break off huge runs, making him the undisputed master of battling through contact.

His 85-strength rating helps him to avoid being tackled quickly, and his 98-break tackle rating will leave your Madden 23 opponents fuming. Although Chubb missed a few games during the Browns' dismal 2022 season, he still managed to carry for 1259 yards and eight touchdowns.

4. Jonathan Taylor- Indianapolis Colts "95 OVR"

It's disrespectful that Jonathan Taylor isn't considered a top-three running back. Taylor not only finished last year as the league's best running back in every category but also dominated most of them. Someone in the rating department obviously didn't pay attention to this guy since the Indianapolis Colts were a lousy squad that he single-handedly improved.

5. Dalvin Cook- Minnesota Vikings "94 OVR"

Dalvin Cook, like many of Madden 23's top running backs, was a backup for the first couple of years of his NFL career. However, by the end of his third year, Cook displayed the same explosiveness that had won him so many admirers during his time at college. It has been an amazing journey for Cook as he has been able to surpass 1000 rushing yards for three consecutive seasons, despite losing time every season due to injuries.

6. Joe Mixon- Cincinnati Bengals "93 OVR"

In the 2k22 season, Joe Mixon was a dynamic addition to the Bengals' already dominant passing offense. The fifth-year running back set personal bests in all three major statistical categories (rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns) en route to the Super Bowl with the Cincinnati Bengals.

He isn't likely to lose the ball very frequently, as seen by his career total of only six fumbles and his carry rating of 96. His stiff arm is rated at 90, so he isn't hesitant to use it to smack a defensive back in the face for an extra yard.

7. Alvin Kamara- New Orleans Saints "90 OVR"

Kamara's receiving ability has always been on par with, if not higher, his sprinting ability. Although he missed significant action for the New Orleans Saints last season, he still finished as the team leader in catches. When his receiving and running abilities are considered together, Kamara's Pro Bowl eligibility is certain.

8. Aaron Jones- Green Bay Packers "89 OVR"

Green Bay has modified its strategy over the last two seasons to rely almost entirely on passing. It makes a lot of sense with Aaron Rodgers' recent MVP success. Though he is in the thick of things, the team hasn't forgotten about its Pro Bowl running back. Jones had more receiving touchdowns than rushing touchdowns last season. Jones's ability to get large chunks of yards via both running and throwing is reliable.

9. Austin Ekeler- Los Angeles Chargers "88 OVR"

While Justin Herbert and the receivers were in the pocket, Austin Ekeler ensured the ball was safe. Unlike some of the other players, Ekeler isn't very fiery. As he blew his way through the field last year, it appeared that there was no threat posed by him to anyone else. Consistency is key, particularly in the running game, and Ekeler executes his role well.

10. Ezekiel Elliott- Dallas Cowboys "88 OVR"

Although Ezekiel Elliott's Madden rating has dropped over the previous two years due to injuries, when healthy, he is still one of the best running backs in the NFL. In four of his six seasons, he carried for over a thousand yards, and in the other two, he came within twenty yards of that mark. His initial surge into the league may have worn off, but his vision of the ball carrier (91 OVR) remains excellent.

Final Thoughts

The Madden 23 coins market for players this year is stacked with talent, making it difficult to narrow down your choices. The first few weeks of the season are crucial, so make sure you're keeping tabs on the top 10 running backs so you can choose wisely.