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MMOexp's Guide to Corrupting Gear in Path of Exile

Jan-13-2024 PST path of exile

Path of Exile, renowned for its dedicated fanbase, sees a surge of players returning with each new update, some eager to indulge in the tantalizing act of corrupting gear. This intricate process demands a nuanced understanding, prompting players to seek guidance. Let's delve into the depths of corrupted gear in Path of Exile and unravel the mysteries behind this fascinating mechanic.

MMOexp's Guide to Corrupting Gear in Path of Exile

Corrupting Gear in Path of Exile

To initiate the corruption of gear or items in Path of Exile, one must wield the formidable "Vaal Orb." These POE currency orbs can be obtained from Arcanist’s Strongboxes, looted from fallen enemies, or acquired through a recipe. The recipe, though more complex than relying on random loot, involves a Sacrifice Vaal Fragment and a total of seven Vaal Skill Gems.

What Does Corrupting in Path of Exile Do?

Corrupting gear in Path of Exile is a risk-and-reward endeavor, offering players a range of potential outcomes:

Gain a Buff: Corrupting an item might bestow it with a powerful buff, enhancing attributes such as damage or other desirable effects.

Change Rarity: The rarity of a gear or item can be altered to "Rare," potentially increasing its overall effectiveness. However, this comes with a gamble, as the change may not always be beneficial.

White Sockets Addition: The corrupted piece might gain white sockets, opening up possibilities for diverse socket combinations.

No Effect, Just Corruption: In some cases, the Vaal Orb might have no discernible impact other than branding the item as "Corrupted."

It's crucial to note that once an item has been corrupted, further modifications become impossible. The irreversible nature of corruption adds an element of permanence to the decision, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration before embarking on the corrupting journey.

Corrupting gear in Path of Exile is a dynamic process that intertwines risk and reward. The allure of potential enhancements, coupled with the suspense of unforeseen alterations, creates an engaging gameplay element. As players navigate the intricacies of corruption, the choices made resonate throughout their Path of Exile journey.

MMOexp POE Team