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Path of Exile: How Skill Gems Work

Apr-16-2024 PST path of exile

If you're beginning your journey playing Path of Exile for the first time, or just beginning to get into the game, there's likely to be plenty you're still researching. Certain of these features revolve around PoE orbs and their use or you may want to determine the most appropriate PoE items to fit your PoE built within PoE Trade. In fact, the way PoE currency functions can be difficult at first.

One feature you'll need to master to master will be Path of Exile skill gems. In this brief guide, we'll detail the specifics of what PoE skill gems are.

What exactly is the Path of Exile Skill Gems?

Skill gems are a game-specific mod that is often used as an abbreviation to refer to active skill gems and gems for skill. They are placed in PoE sockets before being utilized by players. This means that you'll be able to use active skill gems which give you the ability to apply your active skill in addition to being amplified further when they are linked to support skill gems.

There is plenty of Path of Exile skill gems to be learned about. There are 263 active skill gems along with 170 support skills gems. The most common misconception regarding PoE Gems for skill is they're similar to passive skills. However, this isn't the case since the latter is centered around advancing your character's level.

How Can I Earn PoE Skills Gems?

There are numerous methods to earn PoE skills gems. You can buy them through vendors, complete quests and earn them as rewards, collect them randomly dropped from chests and monsters, or even as rewards for making divination sets. You can obtain levels of Path of Exile skill gems from vendors during the four acts that will differ based on the amount of level of character and the class they belong to.

How do Gems level?

The way the leveling process works can be described as socketed gemstones that give 10 percent of the XP the character gains. It is possible to PoE trade them, without losing their experience. You don't have to worry about losing anything if you end your life.

After that, the gems will get to an amount at which they end up gaining experience when it is at a level that allows them to move up. Then, it will stop gaining experience, and you'll be capable of leveling it up however it isn't always necessary to do this in all circumstances.

When you level up, gems can offer enhanced capabilities, however, you'll require higher specifications, not to mention to accommodate the extra amount of mana they consume. If you want to upgrade the level of the gem it must meet the necessary stats also, else you'll not be able to move on to the next level of to level. Most gems have a cap of 20 but some gems can go over the cap to continue raising the level. One method to do this is by destroying the gem by using a Vaal Orb. This is how it's possible to raise the level of the gem to 20 in the event that it is able to increase its percentage by at least.

This will give you the basis for PoE to build on your understanding of Path of Exile skill gems. There are some gems to be on the lookout for that offer exception to the guidelines above however for the majority part, use the introduction this article offers to provide an understanding of the way skill gems function within Path of Exile.

MMOexp POE Team