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​POE Efficient Act Guide: Act II

Mar-16-2020 PST path of exile


Welcome back to the path of exile efficient act guide, in this section we will be covering act II. Follow my first guide to see which skills and levelling choices you should have made up to this point. As before it is advised to attack large groups of enemies as you progress through the zones and try and stay on path as much as possible.

Act II focuses around the quest, “Dealing with the Bandits”, during this quest you have the choice to join either the quest giver himself or one of three bandits, each give different benefits to the player. Aligning with Eramir the quest giver will give you two skill points. Alira will reward you with: 5 Mana Regeneration, +15% All Elemental Resistances and +20% Global Critical Multiplier. Kraityn will reward you with: 6% Attack and Cast Speed, 3% Chance to Dodge Attacks and 6% Movement Speed. Aligning with Oak will reward you with: 1% Life Regeneration, 2% Physical Damage Reduction and 20% Increased Physical Damage.

Forest and the Chamber of Sins

At the start of act II you will be in the southern forest, simply traverse the forest by sticking to the right until you reach the act's town, “Forest Encampment”. You don't need to hang around in the encampment so exit to the right of it and into the old fields. Just follow the stone path until you reach the crossroads, once at the crossroads head right to waypoint and tag it. Next, move up, past the cliffs until eventually you will come to the Chamber of Sins.

There are two levels to the Chamber of Sins. Both zones layouts don't vary much, in the first level you should tag the waypoint in the middle as a priority, there will be a door just infront of the waypoint which you can go through the reach the second level. In the second level move in an up and right direction, if this is your first character on the league then it's recommended to complete the trial of ascendancy which is in the top left of the zone usually. Continue to follow the hallway and you will come to the boss Fidelitas, his attack isn't particularly tricky to deal with and can be beaten with relative ease. Retrieve the baleful gem from the strange device and return to town. Back in town talk to the NPC Gruest to receive your reward of some auras.

Western Forest and the Weaver's Chambers

In order to kill the bandit Kraityn you should use the waypoint and go back to the crossroads, go in a right direction to a broken bridge and then down to another bridge where you can find and kill Kraityn receiving his fragment. After that return to the encampment.

Leaving the encampment again, exit left to the riverways and keep going left. You will come across some broken bridges, here you should use your movement skill to traverse them. If you are unable to do that then you will have to use the logs along the river to make your way past this zone. Tag the waypoint on the road you'll come to and then keep going until you reach the western forest.

In the western forest you should move left and tag the waypoint as soon as it becomes visible to you. For those wishing to kill Alira look for a damaged section of the road, on the same side as the waypoint, follow this to Alira's hideout and kill her, retrieving her fragment. Return back to the road and continue travelling along it. You will eventually come to a group of guard, in particular Captain Arteri, when you kill him you will receive the Thaumatic Emblem. This will give access to the prisoners gate and also complete the way forward quest from act I. Go back to the opposite side of the road and then look for the entrance to the Weaver's Chambers, located in the forest that is covered by spiderwebs.

The Weaver's Chambers has a fairly linear layout with few dead ends, try and take the path to the left if you can. You will come to the room of the boss, the large spider “The Weaver”, this boss is fairly dangerous dealing both physical and chaos damage. The other spiders that will spawn during the fight can be useful to you for restocking on flasks. Once defeated take Maligaro's Spike and use a portal to go back to town. When back, find and speak to Silk who will give a level 18 support gem as reward, depending on your build will determine how best to use this. You should also now go back to the act I waypoint, speak to Bestel and receive your skill point for the quest you did for him.

Take the waypoint to the riverways, but this time travel up the broken road and towards the wetlands. In the wetlands you will find Oak, which is the last bandit, so if you'd like to kill him then you will be able to locate his hideout in the centre of the wetlands, kill him to receive your fragment. Unless you are helping him, you should leave and move to the left after killing him, towards the zones waypoint which you'll find covered in thick roots, you can use the baleful gem and spike to cut through them, then return to the bandit you wish to help (at this point the only one you haven't killed). Complete the quest, receive your reward and then once again waypoint back to the wetlands. From here make your way to the Vaal Ruins.

Vaal Ruins and the Pyramid

The Vaal Ruins can be a bit confusing, you should be able to traverse it in a diagonal back and forth motion, although there are various layouts so it can take some trial and error. Eventually you will reach the Ancient Seal, break it and then keep going until you reach the northern forest. The forest is simple and linear move towards the top right until you reach the caverns, there should be no need to use the waypoint in this forest.

The caverns are fairly straight forward and linear so should be easy to navigate, at least up until you reach the waypoint, which is located next to the ancient pyramid. To climb the pyramid you must find the stairs, these can be at any corner of the pyramid, and from there on the stairs will usually be diagonally up from you. When you reach the pyramid apex, socket you apex quest item into the dark altar in order to activate the final boss of act II, the Vaal Oversoul.

Vaal Oversoul can attack the player with many dangerous attacks so players should be always vigilant and keep on the move, in particular he can attack with ground slam as well as laser beam. Rocks can also fall from the ceiling, this can stun the player and you can quickly lose a lot of health. Once you defeat the Vaal Oversoul then you have also completed act II, stay tuned for the act III guide, coming soon.

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