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Server Merges Announced for New World's Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion

Nov-30-2023 PST New World

After the initial rush surrounding the release of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion for New World, the fervor has inevitably subsided, and it's now time for the customary server merges. Amazon has recently announced its plans to merge six servers into four existing ones across the Central EU, US-West, and South American regions.

Server Merges Announced for New World's Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion

The following servers will be affected by the merge:

Central EU:

Fornax and Delphinus will merge into Hercules.

Felis and Antares will merge into Canis.

US West:

Leo will merge into El Dorado.

South America:

Phoenix will merge into Devaloka.

"These worlds were created with the intention of accommodating the sudden influx of new and returning players to Aeternum, and now they will be returned to the aether once their purpose has been fulfilled," Amazon stated.

In response to player feedback, Amazon has made the decision to retain the US-East and Asia Pacific servers in their current state, for the time being. The company acknowledges the valid points raised by players and will reconsider their stance if there are future changes in population that warrant reevaluation.

Preparations for the imminent server merges are already in progress, with character creation and transfers temporarily disabled on all affected worlds. Additionally, wars on the servers that are being retired have been canceled, and players have received full refunds for any fees associated with these events.

The servers themselves will be temporarily disabled on November 27th, facilitating the automatic transfer of all affected characters and companies to their new server destinations. Furthermore, companies that currently own territories and players who have undergone transfers to or from the merging servers will be eligible for refunds to ensure a fair and smooth transition process.

Server merges are a common practice in MMO games like New World when the initial surge of players subsides, and the player population stabilizes. By merging servers, players are brought together into fewer, more populated worlds, fostering a more vibrant and engaging community. It allows for a better matchmaking experience, increased social interaction, and a healthier in-game economy.

While server merges may cause some temporary inconveniences, such as character transfers and adjustments to territorial control, they ultimately provide a more enjoyable and sustainable gameplay experience. Players can look forward to a more lively and dynamic world as they explore Aeternum and engage in battles, quests, and cooperative endeavors.

As New World continues to evolve and grow, server merges serve as a testament to the game's popularity and success. Amazon's dedication to maintaining a responsive and player-focused approach is evident in their willingness to consider player feedback and adapt their plans accordingly.

So, prepare yourself for the upcoming server merges in New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. Embrace the opportunity to forge new alliances, meet fellow adventurers, and purchase New World Gold from MMOexp to help enhance your gaming experience. Aeternum awaits your arrival, and with the merging of servers, the journey promises to be more exciting than ever before.