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Skull and Bones: A Brief Introduction to the Smuggler Pass Rewards System

Mar-22-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Step into the world of piracy with Skull and Bones and explore the wild sea as the captain of a pirate ship. It revolutionized the open-world gaming in many ways. Developers at Ubisoft are taking a different approach this time with Skull and Bones by providing players with new content from time to time in the form of seasons. This will keep players engaged and they won’t get bored but there is a catch. The game also features a paid battle pass that you need to purchase and unlock to get additional content and Skull and Bones items. If you don’t much about the game pass, don’t worry as we have added everything about the Skull and Bones Smuggler Points How to level up quick in this guide.

Skull and Bones: A Brief Introduction to the Smuggler Pass Rewards System

What is Smuggler Pass in Skull and Bones?

Smuggler Pass is the official battle pass in Skull and Bones. Thanks to this battle pass, players can now earn rewards just for playing the game. You'll earn smuggler tokens through the Smuggler Pass. This battle pass is divided into different seasons and each season features specific objectives that you can complete for rewards. The battle pass requires experience points to level up. Here are all the rewards that you'll get for maxing the battle pass in Skull and Bones.

The Barque Bundle

Skelly Welly

Storm Gutter

Midnight Currents (Premium tier only)

5x Torsion Spring

Touch of the Deep (Premium tier only)

Sterile Galley I

Hadal Green (Premium tier only)

Water Barrel

Sunken Sailor (Premium tier only)

10x Repair Kit III

100x Gold (Premium tier only)


Leviathan (Premium tier only)

Ride the Tempest

The Elder Vane (Premium tier only)

Joinery Workshop I

Wounded Pride

The Lambent Deep (Premium tier only)

Vibing (Premium tier only)

100x Gold (Premium tier only)

La Potence Schematics I

Dagon’s Reach (Premium tier only)

Villainous Intent

Embrace the Depths (Premium tier only)

5x Eels’s Twine

Dead God’s Embrace (Premium tier only)

Mark of the Old One (Premium tier only)

Aqua Vitae

100x Gold (Premium tier only)

1000x Pieces of Eight

How does Smuggler Pass work in Skull and Bones?

The battle pass in Skull and Bones works by Smuggler Marks. You can earn these marks through getting infamy and by completing challenges. You'll also get SP for completing these challenges. You need one thousand SP to get a Smuggler Marks. These marks are required to get rewards from the battle pass. In the start, the Smuggler pass was pretty similar but developers have now complicated it to some extent. They have now introduced three different progression paths. Gunner master, shipmaster, and quartermaster are the three paths. Each path has different rewards. You need to select the desired path before you can redeem rewards from the battle pass. For those who have gone the extra mile and received all the forty-five rewards from all three paths, a surprise is waiting for them. They will get a bundle known as the Barque ship bundle in the end. For completing the battle pass, players are awarded another bundle called the Skelly Welly pet bundle.

What is the Smuggler Pass Token and how to get it?

A free and paid version of the Smuggler pass is available in Skull and Bones. You can claim rewards for the free version right away while the paid version requires a special token first. The token enables you to purchase the premium version of the battle pass. You can get it from the in-game shop. The Smuggler pass token is more of a cosmetic upgrade because you'll get the cosmetic item by purchasing it. This includes captain items, ship items, sail colors, etc. You can get all the other items like weapons even in the free version of the game.

How to unlock the Smuggler Pass?

To unlock the Smuggler pass in Skull and Bones, you need to meet an NPC. For the current season, the NPC can be found at Saint-Anne. His name is William Blackwood. You need to meet him as he is the seasonal vendor. This will unlock the battle pass for this season.

Smuggler Points How to level up quick?

You can level up Smuggler Pass by completing contracts and challenges. Infamy is directly related to the battle pass so you need to focus on it as well. Infamy and contracts are connected which means you'll earn infamy even by completing contracts and challenges. This method is the best because it has various benefits. You can upgrade the Smuggler pass and earn other in-game rewards at the same time by earning infamy. You can also complete contracts for the Blackwood to get the points. New challenges are available every week and the points from each challenge depend on its difficulty. You have weeks to complete the challenges because they will be reset afterward.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team