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Skull and Bones: The Bloody Bones Legacy

May-30-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Prepare to delve into the mysterious tale of Bloody Bones' Legacy in Skull and Bones. This walkthrough will guide you through the investigation step by step, unveiling the secrets of the treacherous seas.

Skull and Bones: The Bloody Bones Legacy

Starting the Investigation

To embark on the Bloody Bones' Legacy Investigation, ensure you've attained an Infamy Rank of Brigand. This rank, achievable by completing various contracts, marks your readiness for this thrilling quest. Once Brigand's status is achieved, seek out a Sainte-Anne NPC marked with a purple eye to unlock the Investigations mechanic. Return to the Mailbox and interact with the sparkling letter to commence the investigation.

Shipwreck Near Hovohovo Settlement

Your journey begins with news of a shipwreck near Hovohovo Settlement, situated southwest of Sainte-Anne. Navigate approximately 5,600 meters to reach Hovohovo. Upon arrival, locate the Large Compagnie Shipwreck on the island's western shore and interact with it to progress.

Sink La Paradis Near Fort Louis

Proceed southeast to Fort Louis, roughly 1,230 meters from Hovohovo. Your task now is to confront and sink La Paradis, a formidable Level 4 ship sailing near the outpost. Use your spyglass to confirm the target before engaging in battle. Once La Paradis meets its fate, prepare for the next phase of the investigation.

Find Bloody Bones's Grave

Disembark at Fort Louis and follow the dirt path ahead. At a fork in the path, veer right to discover Bloody Bones's Grave. Illuminated and marked by a treasure chest, this spot holds the key to unlocking further clues.

Examine the Clues

With the treasure secured, access the Investigations section of the Knowledge menu. Select Bloody Bones' Legacy and open the archive to examine the gathered clues. This final step concludes the investigation, rewarding you with the Death's Hand pet contained within the Rugged Chest now in your possession.

Navigate these perilous waters with skill and cunning, Captain, and uncover the legacy of Bloody Bones amidst the chaos of the Caribbean seas.

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