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The Kim Little Flashback SBC in EA FC 24: A Complete Guide

Jun-29-2024 PST FC 24

EA Sports has released another exciting Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in EA FC 24, this time featuring Kim Little in a Flashback card. This guide will walk you through the process of completing the Kim Little Flashback SBC, providing cost-effective solutions and strategic insights to make the most out of this challenge.

The Kim Little Flashback SBC in EA FC 24: A Complete Guide

Introduction to Kim Little Flashback SBC

The Kim Little Flashback SBC is a tribute to one of the most influential players in women's football. This card offers a significant boost over her base stats and comes at an affordable price, making it an attractive option for many players. The challenge is relatively straightforward, with only one task to complete, making it accessible even to beginners in Ultimate Team.

SBC Task Requirements

To complete the Kim Little Flashback SBC, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

Minimum 1 Player from Arsenal or Arsenal Women's Team

Minimum 1 Player: Any Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW)

Minimum Team Rating: 86

Given the requirement of a TOTS or TOTW card, it's advisable to use a TOTW card unless you have a duplicate TOTS item. This can help you save valuable resources for future SBCs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Here's a recommended solution for the Kim Little Flashback SBC, ensuring you meet the requirements while keeping costs low:

Fabinho (84)

Gabriel Megalhaes (84)

Dani Parejo (86)

Gregor Kobel (87)

Niklas Sule (84)

Ewa Pajor (87)

Thomas Muller (84)

Luka Modric (87)

Romelu Lukaku (84)

Leroy Sane (84)

Any 87-rated TOTW item

These players provide a balanced squad that meets the 86 overall team rating requirement while incorporating the necessary Arsenal player and TOTW item. Most of these players can be acquired at a reasonable price on the transfer market, ensuring you don't overspend. If your budget is tight, then it is recommended that you get the FC 24 coins discount from MMOexp to get EAFC 24 coins at the lowest price.

Why Complete the Kim Little Flashback SBC?


The 95-rated Kim Little card can be positioned as a Central Midfielder (CM), Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM), or Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM). This versatility allows you to slot her into various tactical setups depending on your squad's needs. However, her lack of physicality may limit her effectiveness as a CDM, making the CAM position more suitable to leverage her strengths.


5-Star Weak Foot: Allows for greater flexibility and unpredictability in attack.

High/High Work Rate: Ensures she is actively involved in both offensive and defensive plays.

Three PlayStyle+: Enhances specific in-game abilities, making her more effective in crucial moments.

Chemistry Links

Kim Little provides strong chemistry links with other special cards from Arsenal and the Women's Super League (WSL). This makes her a valuable addition to squads focusing on building chemistry with players from these teams.

Tips for Completing the SBC

Use the 83+ TOTW Player Pick SBC: If you need a TOTW card, this is a more cost-effective method compared to buying one from the market.

Check Your Club First: Always review your club for any duplicate TOTS or TOTW items and other high-rated players that you can use in the SBC.

Market Timing: Purchase players during low market activity times (e.g., weekdays) to get better deals.

Final Thoughts

The Kim Little Flashback SBC in EA FC 24 offers a fantastic opportunity to add a high-rated, versatile midfielder to your squad without breaking the bank. The single-task requirement makes it accessible, and the potential chemistry links with other special Arsenal and WSL cards enhance her value.

By following the cost-effective solutions provided in this guide, you can complete the SBC efficiently and enjoy the benefits of having Kim Little in your Ultimate Team. Whether you're a beginner looking to strengthen your squad or an experienced player seeking versatile options, this Flashback SBC is well worth completing.

Good luck, and may your Ultimate Team prosper with the addition of Kim Little!

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